Best Starburst Slot Sites 2020

On your online casino and gambling journey, you’ve probably heard of the almost legendary online slot machine called Starburst Slots. Gaining mega popularity since it first released and still holding strong today in 2020, This slot from NetEnt is up there with their other highly ranked games like Gonzo’s Quest, another highly popular slot.

So let’s strap in and prepare to find out how to play… and most importantly where to play and how to get those bonuses!

Top Starburst Slot Sites

Above you will find the top online starburst slot sites – our team here at CasinosSites has painstakingly reviewed each one for any new players. We hold the casinos up to a high standard and review each one fairly – we are punters ourselves after all and only recommend casinos that we would play in ourselves! You know when you click on one of the casinos to play some Starburst, you’re going to be playing on a fair casino!

Starburst Slot Features You Can Find

The Starburst slot game is an incredibly simple low volatility game – there’s only 10 paylines, it actually looks visually quite basic and you can’t really get any huge wins thanks to the low variance (But this does mean that you win these smaller amounts more often.) But all of that hasn’t stopped it becoming one of the most popular slots of all time! SO even think this is the slot that made NetEnt so popular.

It has quite a good RTP or return to player – 96.1%, with a maximum win of 50,000 coins. The amount you bet per coin can be anywhere between 1p upto £1, so if you bet all 10 lines you’re playing with between 10p and £100 per spin – which can suit all gamblers from the cautious, newbie player to the high roller.

The interesting thing about the 10 lines is that they pay both ways – backwards and forwards. So even though its quite a low amount of lines, you can acrtually get the win either way!

Like other NetEnt slots, this one is driven around a central, powerful feature. In Twin Spin, we had all of the reels spinning in sync… in Gonzo’s quest we has the excellent avalanche feature that collapsed the reels. And now in Starburst we’ve got the Starburst wild. This symbol only appears on the 3 middle reels, and when one of the symbols appears, its glows and illuminates in a fantastic way, lighting up the full reel and keeping it in place whilst the rest of the reels respin. The respins can retrigger upto 3 times and that involves the other reels for some big win madness!

It isn’t just bonuses for new players this slot is known for – the soundtrack you hear whilst playing is also nice and gets you in the mood for a big win. The etheral tones are easing whilst every now and again when you win you get a nice little musical flourish. To add even more to the atmos, when one of your respins fails to win anything, the lights in the background dim… really helping to raise the stakes!

Starburst can’t be played inside an online casino – or like a minigame. It has to open in another browser. This doesn’t really affect anything though, as you can just make this seperate window small enough so it doesn’t mess up with anything else you’re doing on your computer. Speaking of window size – the version of the starburst slot that you can get on your mobile phone is known as Starburst Touch and converts the game nicely to the phone screen.

How to Play Starburst Slots On Your Favourite Online Casino

The first thing you need to do when playing this slot is to set your stake. Increasing your stake ups your chances to win, as it increases the pay lines. You then set how much you want your coin value to be – anything from a penny upto a pound. So you can put between 10p and £100 on any one spin!

Then you just need to press the spin button. You can set an auto spin function, so you don’t have to do anything (except on the bonus rounds) for 10-1,000 spins! You can turn this setting off at any time, but it’s always nice to know you have this function for when you’re feeling particularly lazy.

Why Play on Starburst Slot Sites

Playing on Starburst has plenty of bonuses, including:

Quick Pace so you aren’t waiting around

Alot of online slots out there are quite intensive in the bonus rounds. They demand the players attention and a chunk of their time – something some people don’t have! A long bonus round can really grate on players after a while, so Starbursts refreshing take of not dragging them out is quite the bonus, especially for mobile players who are just having a few quick spins and don’t have the time to sit though laborious animations.

Good to get through any wagering requirements to get quicker access to your welcome bonus

The fact that Starburst is a low to medium game in terms of variance can help players work through the wagering requirements of any sort of welcome bonus they got when they signed up. The low variance means you win little, but often, which makes trudging through that wagering requirement a bit easier!

It’s a free spins magnet

It’s incredibly common to see free spins for Starburst given out by casinos for signing new players. This is because they know how popular this slot is and once people get a taste they absolutely love it. By giving players some free spins, they get them used to all of the amazing features. You can find reall good deals for 10 free spins, 25 free spins, 50 free spins and even 100 free spins for starburst.

It’s simple and easy

This is probably the biggest draw to the game – it’s simplicity and ease of play. You don’t need to learn any complicated paylines or bonus features to play, it’s one of those slots where you can playt it adsent mindedly on a lazy afternoon for just a bit of fun – you don’t need 100% of your focus and attention. The simplicity is only improved on mobile, as there’s not a million things in your face.

Bonuses and Bonus Rounds

Because Starburst is quite a basic slot game, there aren’t tonnes of bonuses that you can get. As mentioned before, hitting the wild symbol or the big, multi coloured star, activates the bonus round. This symbol is only found on the second, middle and fourth reel. When the reel stops on one of these ewild symbols, that reel gets locked and the other reels spin, giving the player a chance for a nice win. This can also retrigger if the reels land on any of the other wild symbols during this bonus round.

Again, if you’re the type of player who is after complicated, non stop bonus rounds and bonuses, with animations flying all over the screen, then this isn’t the slot for you. If you prefer some simple, easy to follow fun and some small but regular wins, you’re in the right place!

In regards to any sort of welcome bonus or deposit bonus you could get, that is down to the casino you register at.

Starburst Slots FAQ

How do I play Starburst Slot?

Playing this hit slot online is mega easy. You simply have to sign up at one of the casinos we’ve reviewed in the table above. have a click through and read of all of the reviews, see which bonuses interest you and which themes you like. we think you’ll like the selection we’ve got for you, but if none of those take your fancy then you can have a look online.

Signing upto a casino is usually very easy – they want to get you all signed up and ready to play ASAP. You’ll usually just fill in your details – name, address, age etc, and then verify your email address. You’ll then have to sort out your payment and banking details, which may also need to be verified. Then it’s simply making your first deposit and getting any bonuses like free spins you;re entitled to!

Once you’ve signed up and you’ve got your first deposit in, you just need to navigate your way to the Starburst slot and click play. The instructions to play are mapped out in detail above, but the process is very simple: Pick your bet, how many lines you want to play with and then spin!

How can I win at Starburst Slots?

Winning at this slot is all about getting those wild symbols – the big star shape that lights up that you can find on the middle three reels. getting one of these wild symbols activates the bonus wild spins round, and getting more of these wild symbols on the spins, the more free spins and bigger the bonus you get. The number you get also effects what multiplier you get for your symbols. The fact that the game is low variance – you win little amounts but often – makes it great for winning for both high rollers and the more casual player.

What is the best site for Starburst slots?

This completely comes down to the player – we’ve presented a list of what we reckoning the best out based on our reviews of them, but some of the things you should take into consideration when you’re picking a casino to play Starburst slots on is:

Make sure the casino is legit first and foremost. Your online safety is absolutely paramount when playing online, and something that should be at the top of your mind when picking one of these casinos. You need to make sure the online casino you’re looking at is properly licensed by the UKGC or United Kingdom Gambling Commission and has an upto SSL license. These two things go a long way to ensuring the casino isn’t a fraudulent casino that’s just going to up and run away with your deposit money and winnings in the night, whilst the SSL certificate helps fight off hackers and keep your sensitive information safe.

The next thing to do is make sure you like the game selection and that Starburst slots is actually on the site. You don’t want a small selection of games in case you get bored – and there’s some opnline casinos out there with 1,500+ games! You get to mix it up with different slots, live games and even scract cards at some casinos. Also make sure you enjoy the theme of the casino and the layout and feel. If navigating your way around the casino is a chore, then you probably won’t be playing on there much!

The final thing you want to be looking for is the deposit bonus of the casino – getting free spins on Starburst slots is quite easy to find and some of the casino bonuses can range into the 100’s of free spins. Other types of deposit bonus you can get are things like a deposit match, Cashback on your losses and free spins on various slots (don’t forget to check any wagering requirements!) Whilst the bonus may be the main driver for deciding which casino to go for, it should be near the bottom of the list as your overall casino experience and security come first!

One thing to note about any deposit bonus is to double check the terms and conditions, as you don’t want to be suprised by any harsh wagering requirement or limitations of what you can play the bonus on! So be sure to read those terms and conditions.

Who built the Starburst Slots Software?

The software developers Net Entertainment or NetEnt created Starburst. This Swedish outfit have been going since 1996 and have created some of the most formidible and well loved slots around, including Vikings, Lost relics and Gonzos Quest.