Best Cleopatra Slot Sites

For all the lovers and fans of casino games, we are sure you have come across this world-renowned title known as the Cleopatra slots game. This game captured the hearts (and wallets) of the gambling community internationally – not just regionally within the UK.

Being that it is so popular we know that players want to allocate themselves a good Cleopatra slots game site with all the right bonuses and promotions such as free spins that would in fact spur you on to very large real money winnings in the process. It’s definitely a good move for players to focus on a game that they are good at playing and enjoy, not forgetting to mention the very high RTP values that come alongside the game package(including great free spins bonuses!), meaning in the long term you are very likely in getting a good payout within this medium variance game.

So, for all the fans of Ancient Egypt that are on the lookout for the best Cleopatra slot game sites, look no further than here. Us at Casinosites, have collated all the best sites within the casino industry, that provide you with the best bonuses, security, mobile compatibility and very fast payouts in the process. All you need to do is read through the article we have created, and you are halfway there in finding the best Cleopatra slots and bonuses for things like extra bonus funds!

Top Cleopatra slots site UK 2020

Cleopatra Slots Online

There are Cleopatra slot sites available to new players and old internationally and each game can be of a different style and bonuses like bonus spins and bonus funds, depending on the site you go to play with.  It is the new phenomenon that never left and now 2020, it has made new players try out different game experiences of the game via tablets, mobile phones, mobile casino apps and desktops.

This slot game is enjoyed by tens of thousands of players every day, with many bonus free spins casino variants being available for you to try out as soon as you sign up online!

Play Cleopatra slots today

Cleopatra is a slot game which has been released within early 2006, meaning it has been around for over a decade. Yet, people definitely still love it and the gambling community still rave and talk about all the special features that this game boasts when you play.  Created by IGT, it has seamless gaming qualities that you can immerse yourself in, with a 20 pay line and 5 reels set traditional setup. The theme is very much a classic slot game, with traditional symbols alongside high-value symbols that are very much matched to the Egyptian style of the game. The gold backdrop with Egyptian symbols and historical figures, take you right back into Egypt at around 69 B.C – they even have an Egyptian themed free spins bonus and options for bonus funds!

How do we rank and select our casino sites?

We are very serious when it comes to making a selection and choice on behalf of all the new players that are seeking to join a new casino. Therefore, we thought it best to overline and elaborate to you readers, the criteria we have given ourselves to follow when it comes to selecting casino choices for you.

Licensing, security and fairness

This is a factor that remains a top priority within all our choices. We always like to ensure that the sites we recommend have a license from the top UK contenders and are seen as the most prestigious within the process. The UK licensing bodies that are used within the best casinos are as follows: The UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commissions and The Malta Gaming Authority. These Licensing bodies incorporate many security factors within the casinos that they regulate. All the numerical algorithms within the casino systems will get checked to see if they are indeed a random number generator (RNG) and compliant with the RNG principles that a casino must abide by.

In addition to this, the casinos security encryptions will be looked at to see if the SSL levels are at the satisfactory levels to prevent fraudulent activity from possible third party watchers in the process. This should definitely be a peace of mind to players that select casinos from our recommendations. You will always be ensured maximum safety and game fairness from any of the casino sites that we promote.

Software providers

The software providers that are incorporated and network with the casinos we associate with include the very best available within the UK. You can rest assured that only the best bodies and their games will feature within the casino sites. Not only in terms of the Cleopatra slots game but other winning titles within the industry, by top game providers like IGT, NetEnt, Quickspin, RTG and many, many more. Your gaming quality is important to us, and we know that quality will depend entirely on the software providers we share – so we share the best!

Bonuses and promotions

When you want to select a bonus and promotion within a casino, you will of course always lookout for the best cash funds given out, be it match bonuses, toa juicy deposit bonus with complimentary free spins/bonus spins. Bonuses play a large part in UK players and their experience-therefore we ensure that there are different variants that you can choose from to entertain and achieve your individual casino goals. Looking for a welcome bonus low wagering casino, with a free no deposit bonus? You can check that off your lists, as we have pretty much everything going for Cleopatra slots sites and more.

Game variety

Including other games in our recommendations and not just limiting ourselves and your experience to the Cleopatra slots game, will mean that the casinos will provide to your more gaming options beyond the expected. So, when your gaming routine does get a little bland and needs a wakeup call, all you need to do is look further into the game selections that the casino sites already provide. We know that Cleopatra game isn’t all that you may want to play so we have found options what you can use your promotions and bonuses in conjunction with too!

Mobile and multi-device compatibility

Selecting casino sites that are mobile compatible is important to us. It definitely acts as a large reflection of their software function if they have not indeed integrated the latest HTML5 technology within their systems that does in fact allow for mobile casino gaming.

We understand how the revolution of casino gaming is all about playing flexibly and gaming on the go. You can always count on us to bring to you the latest mobile updates. New software updates for your iOS, Android or Windows phone? Don’t worry, we have totally got you and will keep updating all recommendations as the developments progress.

Why should you play Cleopatra slots?

The game brings experience to players like no other, and the fact that it is one of the best 10 games within the industry today; gathering the attention of many players in the process simultaneously even 14 years on, speaks for itself! Other factors include the game quality itself. Meaning players are more likely to be awarded if they play this game in a long term perspective. It also has the largest winning player track record present within the slot game industry, meaning that again drives further people to play and generate more income and revenue for the game itself.

We’re about to go into a more technical perspective for you as to why you should play this game on a religious level. It will benefit your pocket and your gaming experience. It’s rare that game provides to you the whole package, that’s for sure! So, you need to stay on this one with us and read up on everything you need to take on board before you take the leap and plunge into investing your first deposit within one of the casinos that we are to recommend to you.

Ancient Egyptian themes

The Ancient Egyptian theme as mentioned above, gives gamers that historical essence and vibe within their gaming, so it goes far beyond just a slot game. The entire adventure that the game brings to its players is fresh and innovative. Ancient Egypt is all about treasure and finding hidden gems, so we think the game theme goes all in all very well with the entirety of a slot game, don’t you?

RTP values

The return to player value percentages of this game alter ever so slightly from season to season, yet Cleopatra slots are still set to be one of the best RTP values within the slot industry. This is due to the gaming quality and set up of the game, in addition to the medium-risk i.e. volatility. Usually, casinos that report a lower risk to medium risk will report higher RTP values, generally, because the game itself will payout a lot more than higher volatility games, so it logically would make sense for the RTP to be higher over a set period of time. Cleopatra slot games is very much indeed a medium variance game meaning it this all co-ordinates well with the RTP value of the game.

Many Casino providers

Cleopatra has many variants available – you can be all set for trying out different Cleopatra slots games with each different casino we recommend to you. Of course, casinos will ensure to clearly state the differences that you can experience, alongside a free demo/free play version that you can utilize towards your gaming experience. We do always recommend though, make sure you are fully clued up on what the game facilitates for you as a player, its highly necessary to play Cleopatra slot free via the free play variants as they will allow you to strategies and understand all the twists and turns of the game. Yes, it isn’t necessarily a real money game, yet practice makes perfect as they say…

Winner history is proof enough

The proof is in the Cleopatra slot games. Meaning there is, of course, a chance that you too can be one of them if you play this game consistently and patiently. You may be one of the lucky few that managed to land a jackpot of £1.2 million in one game session! The Mega jackpot variant of the Cleopatra game has made a few lucky millionaires overnight, so set your stakes within one of our casinos and get ready to go!

How to play Cleopatra slots and sign up for promotions?

Playing Cleopatra online should definitely not take you too long to get used too. As mentioned above, the first thing a player needs to do upon signing up with a Cleopatra slots game casino site online is to utilize the Free Cleopatra slot game via the free play available on our sites. What better way of learning how to play than to put yourself in the deep end and actually playing!

Choose a Cleopatra slot site and sign up

To start playing the Cleopatra slot game, select a site from the following sites listed within our review tables – don’t forget to look for those free spins. Once clicking through via the link, you will be transferred directly to the site itself where you should see the main game promotions advertised to claim by you upon registration. Click on the ‘join now’ or ‘sign up’ button that will direct you to the registration form that you will need to fill in to be able to play the Cleopatra casino game.

Claim your bonus promotion

We know you want those free spins, so we’ve got you covered! Once you have filled in your credentials, this should have transferred you to the bonus gateway page where you can select if you wish to choose a bonus – such as free spins or extra funds – to accompany your gameplay or not here is where you look for those prized free spins. If you do wish to play with the possibility of bonus cash funds, then you need to select the option within the cashier and deposit the correct amount via the available payment methods. As soon as the payment has been accepted and transferred, your bonus will be triggered and ready to play with – including those free spins!

Play Cleopatra slot free

Play the Cleopatra slots without your bonus on free Cleopatra slot game free play – Definitely take this time to get to grips with the game and ensure you are playing to your maximum and best efforts! Try every special feature that comes your way within the game. Check our Cleopatra review and make sure you keep playing until all the special features we mention there are experienced by yourself-so you know how to deal with them when they come your way via the real play version. You can even unlock the free spins bonus in the free version, as well as the wild card bonus.

Understand the pay lines and symbol combinations

Make sure you understand how the 20 pay line system works and its variations within the free play of the game. There will be different prizes that will be triggered depending on the low and high-value symbols you can generate. The scatter symbols of the Sphinx will unlock the free spins round and the wild symbol within the game is of course, Cleopatra herself and she can essentially re-scatter all your symbols around for the better and the worse part of the game i.e. more combinations or none at all. The best thing about this is your wild symbol combinations will keep on going until there isn’t anything left within your reals worth matching up!

Try playing it for free

Last but not least, once you have achieved all the steps above, you will now be ready to try out for the real money version and actually place slot stakes within the game! Your stakes will range from the minimum of 1p, to the maximum of £100. Each stake can be betted via each payline, meaning your ways to win can start from 20 possible matches! When playing on online casinos for real money. Make sure you keep to a budget and not exceed your everyday bankroll. In addition to this, understand the wagering requirements that come associated with your bonus, should you wish to take it up, as before you can withdraw any of your winnings you will need to make sure you have attained the multiplier.

Frequently asked questions

How can I win the Cleopatra slots game?

This game is monitored by an RNG meaning it doesn’t have a rule that a UK player can apply to ensure that they have guaranteed wins. However, you could apply within your everyday Cleopatra gaming little changes to maximise your winning potential within the casino you play at. Using the Martingale theory, if you go into playing Cleopatra with higher stakes, you have a better chance of winning. Yet the only issue with this is you will need to gamble irresponsibly to see results-by exceeding bankroll levels that you may possibly never have gambled with before. If this doesn’t float your casino gaming boat, try the other smaller methods we recommend such as ensuring you play Cleopatra when you have received free spins within bonuses-possible in ongoing bonuses too via the VIP bonus schemes. These are perfect free turns in making some real money!

How do I play Cleopatra slots and why?

Playing Cleopatra slots is guaranteed to give you the best fun you have had in ages within your gaming career. This game has attracted so much attention for its ability to entertain you for hours on end, with all the different variants available. One of which is the Mega jackpots version where players have the chance of being placed within the progressive jackpot version of the game that has been created since the originals 2006 release. The last winner managed to grab their hands on a total of £1.2 million in cash and you never know it could be YOU next!

Playing the game is pretty straight forward enough. The low value symbols are as you would expect within any other game-it consists of the deck of cards K, Q, J, A etc. The high value symbols are cleopatra herself amongst other Egyptian symbols. These enact as scatter symbols and wild symbols to literally turn your reality into a chaotic symbol stream of matching real money combinations. You can bet from as low as 1p per payline, and this ranges all the way to the maximum value of £100. Therefore, this game suits players with all kinds of bankroll levels (high and low). So, you can most definitely base your casino gambling goals around this game, as it has much scope and value for different players who seek to utilise it!

Is it safe to play on the Cleopatra slot machines online?

The online cleopatra casino games are very safe to play in, as long as you select a casino that can give you the safe environment you deserve. That is why we recommend for you to select from our sites in particular due to the existing security checks that we do for you. If a site is not licensed by the right bodies such as the UK Gambling Commissions, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, then your gaming cannot be classed as safe because the correct site audits in place for your protection most likely will not have been done.