Cash Stax Slot Sites

Cash Stax is a hit slot game from the team over at Barcrest. It’s incredibly distinctive in it’s style – an offbeat blend of a retro ‘one armed bandit’ style slot machine and the classic game of noughts and crosses. The amount of win lines varies in the game and really depends on the amount of money you wager – if you wager a lower stake then you’ll be playing with 10 paylines, whilst wagering a higher amount gives you access 20… and… during the bonus round you get to play with 30 paylines!

Cash Stax Slots Online

Cash Stax Slots History and Overview

Released in 2015, Cash Stax by Barcrest instantly became a hit slot online with its incredible style. We all remember the game of noughts and crosses and Barcrest have crossed this with their own unique style of user friendly and simple slot games.

Barcrest have gone for their typical style in the Cash Stax online slot and it’s noticeable. The look and feel of the slot itself is based on some of the classic, old-style fruit machines from back in the day, with the symbols being nice and bold.

The base symbols on the stake line are a big red 7, The bar symbol and big white X’s. Your wild symbol for the reels is a Jester and the bonus symbol is the big gold ring – and it’s this ring that can set off one of the additional features in this game.

The RTP or return to player varies depending on how much you bet per line. If you bet less than £2, then the RTP is around 94%, whereas if you’re betting above £2 per line you’re going to get a decent 96%. Sadly, activating the Big Bet Game mode actually drops the RTP a bit – down to around 90% (you are getting to play on 30 paylines though!)

How To Play Cash Stax Slots

Before you do anything on Cash Stax, you need to decide how much you’re going to bet and play with on the stake line. You can play with as little as jusy 1p per line and it goes all the way up to £20 per line. Now, since there’s from 10 paylines per spin, that means your bet’s range from as little as 10p to a huge £400.

If you stake below £2, the game gives you 10 paylines to win with. If you stake over £2 though, you get access to all 20 paylines – giving you get a bigger win through the bigger combinations that win!

Now you’ve got how much you want to bet per line sorted and the total overall stake is sorted, you’re ready to get started with Cash Stax and start hitting that spin button!

How to win at Cash Stax

So you’re all set to play – let’s show you how to win! Your goal whilst playing this slot is to get a combination of 3 or more symbols on the reels. You just need to match them up on any of the winning paylines and you’ll get the payout.

You’re after all the symbols except the gold ring – that’s for the bonus. The most valuable and sought after symbol on the reels in the big red 7 – this pays the highest. The actual amount that the win for the combination pays out is dependant on how much you’ve bet per line.

For examples, if you’re bet for each line is under £2, then landing five ‘7’s on the reels will get you a nice 50x your stake for each line. If you’re playing with £2 and above per line, the exact same winning combination will pay you 25x your bet per line. This may sound like you’re geting a worse deal… but remember, you;re actually palying with twice the amount of paylines!

Cash Stax Slots Free Spins & Bonus Features

As you can imagine, with this slot being so popular, you’re going to get bonus features in the game – including a free spins bonus. To get the free spins bonus, you need to have one of the gold rings appear on the reels. However many gold rings you get on the reels gets added to a meter, and when the bonus round is triggered this meter indicates how many free spins you’ll get!

When you fill the meter your bonus round will begin, and landing more of these gold rings (You can get upto 5 linked on the reels) in this round will get you extra free spins. If you get enough, there’s a little meter on the right that will fill and if you get this one full, it multiplies your win by 5x as well as netting you the free spins!

£10 & £20 Big Bet Game

Another feature is the Cash Stax Big Bet Game. This interesting feature give you as the player better odds of getting a winning combinatiuon on the reels when you spin.If you would like access to it, click the big ‘BB’ button that is just on the right of the reels. This gives you the option of playing either a big bet game with £10 or a big bet game with £20. This will let you play with every single payline available – 30 in total – giving you even more chances to land combinations that win!

After you’ve chosen how much you want to play the Cash Stax big bet round with, the reels will spin 5 times, and any wins during the spins add up, being totalled up and paid after the reels have spun for the last time. The great thing is you can still add to your free spins bonus during your Big Bet Games!