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Here at, we aim to ensure that our readers and new players get all of the best information when reading our pages and because of that, we have decided to put together this page on UK slots sites which will provide you with some top information that’ll help you in the future when deciding whether to play on an online slots site.

Reading this page, you’ll learn what exactly makes slot sites in the UK so popular, why you should play on them, how to win big, the best online slot machines & jackpot slots to win with, the best welcome bonuses and so much more.

Best Slot Sites For Winning

What are Slot Sites?

We tend to get asked lots of different questions about slot websites by new players in the UK and one of the most common ones that always pops up is the question of what exactly a slot site actually is. Due to the fact that this page is all about these online slots sites, we thought it would make sense to start off by answering this question – so let’s get to it.

A site with UK slots like this is a website which has got online slots on it and they are available for players of online casinos to play on. There are hundreds of independent sites out there, however the majority of top slots tend to be on the best online casino sites.

Online slots sites have always been well-known for the games that they have to offer, as these games the sites offer are fun to play on and they have so many features too which make them stand out from other types of casino games. Another reason why they are a UK players favourite is that they usually pay out large sums of money – especially jackpot slots – to those who win when playing online.

You can get different ‘levels’ of online slots games, from low variance or low volatility, which has smaller wins more often, whereas the opposite type if high variance or volatility where you win bigger sums but also less often such as jackpot slots. Pretty much all of the online slots sites that you find in the United Kingdom are regulated/licensed with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Why Play On The Best Online Slot Sites?

The world of gambling at an online casino is huge right now and with all this popularity – it’s only going to get bigger in the UK and with this being said, I think it’s fair to say that it has already taken over the online world with the help of modern day technology in so many ways!

Even before the internet age, slot machines and fruit machines were immensely popular. These online slots games have done really well and they are one of the most played casino games in the world – this may lead you to wonder why they’re so popular.

These online slot titles you can find at slot websites are incredibly simple, usually come with a great welcome offer and you can have big wins on jackpot slots – that’s the main reason people play on them! These online slots sites will also allow you to play a majority of slot games on your mobile device, allowing for a few quick spins on the go whether you’ve got some spare time at home or you’re on the way to work.

Where To Play Popular Online Slots


Top 10 Real Money Slot Games to Play


starburst online slot

RTP: 96.09%

bonanza online slot

RTP: 96.0%

buffalo blitz online slot

Buffalo Blitz
RTP: 95.96%

gonzo's quest megaways online slot

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways
RTP: 94.66%

slingo rainbow riches online slot

Slingo Rainbow Riches
RTP: 95.6%

wolf gold online slot

Wolf Gold
RTP: 96.01%

book of dead online slot

Book of Dead
RTP: 94.25%

eye of horus online slot

Eye of Horus
RTP: 96.31%

age of gods god of storms online slot

Age of Gods: God of Storms
RTP: 96.14%

rainbow riches online slot

Rainbow Riches
RTP: 95.0%

fishin frenzy online slot

Fishin’ Frenzy
RTP: 96.12%

gonzos quest online slot

Gonzo’s Quest
RTP: 95.97%


Slot Bonuses

These days online slot developers work immensely hard to make sure that their online slots have got all of the top features included in them in order to please punters as well as also attracting new potential players to sign up as well. A common thing now for many slot site developers to do is a welcome offer or bonus features on the online casino they’re on – with hundreds of different types of welcome offer and bonuses available right now, it they’re very easy to get your hands on them!

Bonus features on UK slot sites are known for helping players out when they play slots online and they’ve got various different advantages which make them a top incentive for any slot player to have. As you know, we always plan for our guides to be as informative as we can possibly make them. Because of this, we’ve decided to list some of the best bonus features that you’re bound to come across when playing on these UK slots sites online.

Multipliers: These online slots sites bonuses are fairly common. The job of a multiplier is to multiply the winnings for the punter and due to the fact that multipliers can help players win big amounts of money they have started to become really popular over the past few years. An example of this is if a player gets a x4 multiplier their winnings will be quadrupled. weve seen anywhere between a 1.5x multiplier upto a 5x multiplier. Imagine – getting a win and then getting 5 times the amount deposited.

Wild Symbols: Wild symbols are known for being a favourite amongst slot punters and they are there to assist the player in building additional pay lines, making the humble slots machine incredibly thrilling and exciting. In addition to this, wild symbols also replace various other symbols too that will help players win big, however they do not replace bonus symbols.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are used for triggering free rounds or bonuses and most top slot sites require players to get a certain amount of combinations on the board in order to take advantage of the scatter symbols. Usually this will be somewhere between 3-5 symbols, although with some of the newer, more wild slots… the rules are a bit more crazy!

Huge Selection of UK slots sites

With all the competitors out there, you’re given much more variety to select and choose from. The best online slots are all about giving the new players the options of a large array of slot games to play on. Online slots sites with minimal choice are definitely not the go-to to play on for your daily slot picks!

Mobile Slot Gaming

Online slots sites allow players to play from anywhere – the comfort of their bed, on the way to work or even on the toilet if they’re that way inclined! With the convenience of a mobile casino, laptop or tablet which means you don’t need to leave the house and find the nearest land-based casino to play at. You can win big money from jackpot slots at online slots sites from your home! This is an excellent advantage and it’s definitely clear to see why online gaming is so huge right now because of it.

The best online casinos and slot machine sites develop mobile apps which can be downloaded onto devices and on you can find some online slots sites with apps that are available in the industry at this current time.

Finding the Best RTP values

Slot websites will engage within the best return to player percentages – or RTP % – within their game picks. This ensures that players can have the best long term chance of securing real money wins and jackpots within their slots gaming experience. High RTPs act as a reassurance for players, knowing they picked an online slots game that does have a record of awarding players real money wins. However, the percentage value does change with time and therefore, the best slot sites keep updates with their RTP values directly from the software developers and this keeps things all fair for the player.

What Does RTP Mean?

RTP is the return to player percentage of a certified online slots game. You’ll find that it represents the real money return in a long term staking of playing the game. The percentage measures the players pooled average of their money gained back over a certain amount of time playing and is rigorously tested through various commissions and software creators.

This is vital to understand for new players!

An example of this procedure can be understood from the average RTP example within games of 95%. You’ll find that for every £100 staked based on the RTP value, players will receive a total of £95 back within the long term approach of playing the online slots game on average.

This is a MUST for players to understand and can be the fundamental point for choosing games to play on. The return to the player doesn’t represent instant first-time play. This is something to remember as it isn’t a rule to playing online slots.

What Slot Games Can You Play On Slot Sites?

Selecting the right game for your online slots gaming routine will entirely depend on the individual and unique slot gaming goals you have to achieve as slots have a wide range of gameplay styles, themes and mechanics. It also depends on the kind of gaming preferences you have, as there are many online slots games styles that there are to select from online.

Classic Slots

Classical slot titles on a UK slots site are the old school, addictive 3 reel slots that have one pay line to play with. The game style is very traditional and usually features very simple game themes such as fruit symbols with eccentric colour schemes, and is prevalent on retro styled online slots.

Video Slots

Video slot machines are a huge category within the online slots market and on UK slot sites – one of the biggest; therefore, we definitely recommend you take a shot at playing these. Essentially this niche defines the games that are 5-reel slots and multiple pay lines. Usually, the games have elaborated and large themes too to entertain you as you play.

Multi-line Slots

These online slot titles are very similar to video slots as they have multiple pay lines and ways to win jackpot amounts. The slot games can have as many as 100 pay lines, with both ways winning combinations i.e. left to right etc. Megaways is one of the most spoken about online slots games as it has as many as 117,649 ways to win!

3D Slots

This kind of online slots game is one where graphics are of the highest standards. You will find that the game’s themes and concepts are highly evolved and very much engaging and enticing to play on too, with entertaining and engaing bonus rounds.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive slots and jackpot games offer players life-changing sums of money if they happen to trigger the progressive jackpots within their online slots game. It works by attaining a percentage of money from every player that stakes within the slot game, hence why it’s called a ‘pooled jackpot’. The largest jackpots in history to date go from the Mega Moolah slot, that gave a lucky winner a £13 million jackpot!

Are UK slots sites safe?

One of the main advantages about online casinos and slot websites in 2020 is that they’re safe and secure, which means you’re covered if anything goes wrong on these slot websites and you won’t have to worry about your details getting in the hands of hackers or getting your betting account hacked. These days new players should feel incredibly safe, as all of the online slot sites UK players can play on offer slot games are licensed and regulated with legitimate companies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission & Malta Gaming Authority.

Is it Safe to Play Online Slots

Yes, it is! There are steps that both you and the online slots sites can take to make sure you’re always playing in a safe environment. The following are a few ways to ensure you keep safe on them:

Play at a regulated slot website

If you’re a frequent online gamer then you will know that the whole topic of safety is very important and with online slots increasing in terms of popularity, it really is essential for players to play on online slot websites that are safe and secure. There are many online slots sites out there that aren’t safe and this can cause major issues in the long term. Nowadays the developers of sites with slots tend to work hard to make sure that their sites have got all the relevant and official licensing in order to assure their players that they are in safe hands.

We always want new players to have a safe and secure time when playing a slot machine site and because of this we will only suggest the sites that are officially licensed with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and all of these secure sites can be found right here on One of the best ways to make sure that the online slots sites you are playing on are safe is by checking it’s licensed with the UKGC as this world-renowned commission regulates all forms of online gambling in the United Kingdom and in addition to this it is only legal for players from the UK to play on UKGC registered sites.

In addition to the best online slot sites UK can play, there is also a good variety of other casino brands who do the same job as the UKGC. Some of the most known gaming authorities that we think you should look out for includes the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta Gaming Authority and the Guernsey Casino Gambling Control Commission.

Furthermore, the majority of sites UK players can find out there use SSL encryption which is great as the job of it is to keep all of the personal data that is given by players safe and secure in order to prevent hackers and third parties accessing it. This includes information such as payment details, addresses, names and date of birth.

All in all, if you do your research and go with the sites that we recommend then you will definitely be in safe hands when playing on the best online slots UK.

Secure payment methods

There are dozens of important things that new players need to realise when they want to play online slots but one of the most important aspects is payment method. These methods of payment are used for depositing and withdrawing money when they play online slots so because of this they will always play a crucial part which means that developers need to make sure that their slots sites accept as many methods to pay as they possibly can in order to cater for a large number of punters as people will always have favoured ways to pay which will be different to other people.

The majority of methods to pay at an online casino and play slots with tend to be the same and the most popular ones include Visa, Debit, Maestro and MasterCard. In recent years, E-wallets have been on the rise with more people choosing to use them because of the advantages they have. E-wallets are renowned for being convenient and in addition to this withdrawals are immediate on them. Another reason why E-wallets are loved by online slots gamers is that they have good security which means your personal details are safe.

There are lots of different E-wallet companies out there for online slots players to choose from but the most popular ones when it comes to payments on the best online slot websites include Neteller, Boku, PaybyPhone, PayPal, Skrill, Zimpler and ecoPayz.

Know gambling policies for your protection

The best online slot websites will ensure that their customers – both new players and returning – have the best and most protected gaming for their own wellbeing. Therefore, they’ll always recommend players to gamble responsibly on an online casino and guide them to the correct bodies to seek action and assistance against any gambling issues that may arise at an online slot site. Other aspects that they include will be deposit limits on a slots website – such as up to £1000 as a maximum daily allowance, to ensure that there is a degree of safe gambling involved as the online slots games can indeed become very addictive.

How to choose a casino site with slots

With the world of online gaming growing bigger and bigger by the day, casino operators are constantly publishing new casinos for players to choose from and whilst this is a great thing to see, it can also be quite irritating too! Narrowing your selection down to just one slot site can be a tricky task when there are just so many slot websites to choose from! This is where we step in because we know this can be a difficult thing to do, so in this part of the guide, we will be listing a few of the main things you should be considering when choosing the best online slot site.

How We Review Slot Casinos & Slot Sites

Even the most skilled and experienced punters can have a hard time trying to seperate the best slot sites from the ‘not so great’ ones. With our vast experience in the slots software and casino business, we’re here to guide you and help you make the best decision possible when you’re choosing from all of the online slots sites out there.

When we review online slots sites, there are specific things we look for and want to see:

Security and Safety

This is number one on our list, since it should always be the first thing you think of when joining any of the best online UK slots sites or play online in general. We go through a stringent set of checks to make sure that the online slots site is extremely safe and legitimate – including double checking all of the licensing is up to date and correct on the slot site, with the correct UKGC licence in place and any others that are applicable.

We also check the best slot sites UK punters can play on for SSL security, which is a necessity for making sure any information you enter onto the casino site – such as an your financial information and sensitive information – is encrypted and protected from hackers.

Offer & Bonuses

The next big thing we look for is a top slot site with a nice slot welcome bonus offer such as a match bonus with free spins. An online slots website with bonus offers will always try to push the most attractive and lucrative bonuses to get more new players to sign up. When assessing any online slots sites we always take an in-depth look at what they offer, including whether the wagering requirements are fair.

Payment Methods

Both depositing and withdrawing any funds into or from the casino should be an easy and painless task – unfortunately this isn’t always the case with these online slot websites! We always take a good look at which payment methods the site supports, making sure all of the most popular methods such as e-wallets, debit cards and prepaid cards are supported. We even look for the more niche methods such as cryptocurrency and bitcoin casinos.

Good Selection of Casino Games

It’s incredibly important for online slot websites to not just offer the best slots online – you want there to be a nice mix of different casino software, including table games, live casino software like roulette or blackjack and even little extras such as Slingo or Scratchcards. We go over the full games roster at an online slot site and make sure you know which sites have plenty of different live casino & other games on offer.

Speedy Customer Service

A very significant part of an online slot site that often gets overlooked. We make sure that the slot sites we have here have all got helpful and speedy customer service options. We believe that the best UK sites should have at least 3 ways to get in contact with them – the more, the better – and also have at least one way of contacting them around the clock.

Signing Up To The Best Slots Site

Casino slot sites are pretty much everywhere these days and millions upon millions of new players from all over the world are playing on them frequently. Developers know just how much an online slot site is adored and because of this, they have made the whole process of signing up really easy. The signing up process on an online slot site is important however it is now usually very quick and only takes a couple of minutes which means more time for playing! In this part of the guide, we will be providing you with the handy steps that you should know about signing up.


What to Expect from the Best UK Slots Sites in 2020

Online sites with slots have been dominating the online gaming world for many years and in recent years the popularity of them has certainly rocketed with people from so many different countries choosing to play on them. With more and more people investing their time and money on online slots, developers have been working hard to make sure that the slots they are developing have got tons of excellent features that are guaranteed to give players a fun time when playing on them.

In 2020, you can expect to find some of the best slots sites coming to your phones and computers which are bound to have some brilliant features that will bring a beaming smile to your face! There are so many features that you should be looking out for and some of these include a great range of online slot games & live casino software to play on, unique images/animations, helpful customer support, large payout ratios, big casino bonuses and plenty more so make sure you keep on a lookout for these features that will be coming your way in 2020!

Tips to maximize your online slot site experience

Many regulated sites are renowned all around the world for the great benefits they offer, from the big money payouts and cool games and most importantly the great amount of fun that they provide to players! We know just how essential it is to have fun on an online slot and so do developers, as all of the top games on a slot site are well-known for being very fun to play on. In addition to having a top time, we also want to do our part in helping out by telling you what things you should consider if you would like to maximize your online UK slot site experience.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The first thing we recommend you do if you would like an excellent online slot experience is to play on a progressive jackpot slots game. Progressive jackpot slots are great games that offer players the chance to win a jaw-dropping amount of money via just 1 spin! The jackpot on these online slot games will continue to increase and get very big if nobody wins it so it is definitely worth trying your luck on as you could potentially win a good few million!

You should also look out for promotions, bonuses and offers when playing on these online slot sites in 2020. It’s no secret that there will always be top incentives that are available for players to take advantage of when gaming online and because of this you should always keep an eye on them. Bonuses on any new casino are well-known for being handy and they can assist you majorly so be sure to get your hands on them whilst you can.

Always read T&Cs (terms and conditions)

You should always check the terms before signing up to the best slots sites, including the welcome bonus, and placing bets just so you are fully aware of everything. Nothing can be worse than finding out something unexpected like you aren’t eligible for a promotion simply because you didn’t properly read the T&C’s. Once you are familiar with all of the terms and conditions as well as legal information you will notice that your overall gaming experience will be better due to the comfort that you feel.

One of the main things that are important as a player on a casino site with slots is to choose games that you know you will enjoy playing on. Sometimes it can be easy to get carried away with the money and only play on online slots games that pay out big sums of money. However, you should always remember that having fun is equally as important because having a bad time on a boring online slot game just for the money is ridiculous! Be sure to do your research and invest your time on online slot games that you know you will have fun playing on!

The Best Online Slot Games to Win

Online video slots you find at slot sites UK punters can play at are a game of pure chance – there isn’t much skill involved and there’s no sure fire way to ensure you win the maximum pay out. With all that said and done though, there are ways you can improve your chances of winning when you play slots with a high RTP.

The best slot online in terms of RTP is Ugga Bugga with a 99.07%, whilst close behind is Mega Joker, which heads to a whopping 99% RTP when you use the maximum coins and finally Jackpot 6000 gets a 98.9% RTP when you play optimally – these are technically the best slot sites for winning!

Slot Sites FAQs

Are the slots found at top slots sites UK fair?

All of our recommended online slot sites have not only been checked and tested by ourselves, but are all fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This ensures that when you play online slot games you will find are fair and verified.

What other games can I find at an online slot site?

New casino games are being released all the time and online casinos are quick to scoop them up and begin offering them to their players. From variants of roulette, blackjack, poker baccarat and live games – many of the top slot sites boast catalogues of thousands of games as well as the top slot games.

What is the best slot site online?

This isn’t as straightforward of a question as you might think and the opinion of what the top slots site is differs between players. In our opinion, the best UK slots online is one that has a great selection of games to play, quick withdrawals and a range of slot deals or bonuses for existing and new players.

Will my slots bonus of free spins work across all slots?

Unfortunately, this is seldom the case any more, as most good slot sites now only allow you to use your bonus spins on selected online slots games. These are normally some of the more popular slots out there, and there are plenty of online slot websites which will allow you to use these spins on multiple games.

Can I play my favourite slots for free?

Some slots websites will have a no deposit bonus which does allow players to play their favourite online slot games for free. These are becoming harder to find but some do still exist. Be sure to read the terms and conditions with any free slot bonus, as they will often have higher wagering requirements than you’ll find with regular deposit offers.

How old do I need to be to play at a casino?

In the United Kingdom, the legal age to gamble is 18. Underage gambling is a crime in the UK and strictly prohibited at both regular casinos and casinos online. The casino can receive a hefty fine by regulatory bodies for soliciting underage gambling and in more extreme closes, lose their license entirely.

What are the best slot sites for winning?

The best slot sites for winning can be decided by the RTP or average return a player gets while playing there for an extended period of time. The sites with the highest RTP are Dunder Casino with 97.85%, All British Casino with 97.7% and Casiplay with 97.11%. Remember, this doesnt guarantee you’ll win though!

Which is the most popular slot in the UK?

The nation’s favourite online slot game of all time has been crowned – Mega Moolah. Created by the popular iGaming developer, Microgaming, it’s been named the most popular online slot in the UK, according to studies. This is largely down to the fact it’s a progressive jackpot, meaning that it can payout some serious cash if the jackpot goes a long period of time without a winner.