Shamans Dream

Shamans Dream Slot Sites

This 5 reel slot game from developer Eyecon is one of their most popular games. Here we’ll delve into what sites you can play Shamans dream on and how to actually play it, including how to get your bonus rounds (Yep, that famous free spins bonus round is in here!)

The top English casino sites that you can find this slot on are listed below. Each of these sites is painstakingly reviewed by our expert team here at – who are all regular punters like you and me and so know what to look for in a casino. You can be sure you’re getting all a true and unbiased take on a casino when you click on one of our reviews!

Casinos with the Shamans Dream Slot

Shamans Dream Slot Information and Features

This slot uses a nice Native American theme – including soothing Native American Shaman like background music and some distinctive graphics – it’s easy to see how it’s quickly shot up in popularity for punters, especially with its 95.44% RTP (Return to player.)

Eyecon themselves – who created this slot – are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling commission, so you know you’re going to be playing on a fair game – sincebeing licensed and regulated by this gambling commission is the standard in online casinos, especially in Great Britain.

It’s a 5 reel slot game with simple planks of wood dividing them and around the frame of the slot machine. The background is visually stunning – a dream like American sunset! Just what you want to be looking at whilst you’re playing.

There’s plenty of reel symbols (11 in total including the shaman and the dream catcher) – varying from the least valuable totem pole all the way to the highghly sought after Shaman. These symbols also trigger the bonuses, like free spins. The wild symbol is a wolf and can actually help you win by substiuting the other symbols.

You can bet on anywhere between 25 lines and from 1p upto £25, allowing for some big wins!

In terms of bonuses and bonus rounds for this slot, theres a few that you can trigger:-

Shamans Dream Bonus Rounds and Bonuses – How to Get Them and What They Do

The Dreamcatcher Bonus – This bonus is triggered with the dreamcatchers symbols, as you can imagine. You can get upto 15 free games and even a chance at tripling your prize! This is the free spins bonus for this game – and is a winning combination in our eyes! getting between 2 and 5 of these on the reels will snag you between 2 and 450 times your bet – nothing to scowl at!

The White Wolf Bonus Round – The wild symbol on these reels, whenever the white wolf is in your winning combination… You actually get twive the amount you would normally get! It’s also the highest paying symbol in the game, offering anywhere between 10x and 9500x your total bet depending on how many reels you get. A nice little touch is whenever the white wolf pops up on the reels, you’ll get a drum beat playing and the white wolf howling in your music!

The Gamble Bonus Round – After any win on this slot, you get access to the gamble bonus, which is a nice touch by Eyecon. With this round, you can gamble however much you win for a chance to with twice the amount!

How to Play The Shamans Dream Slot

Now we’ve gone into everything you need to know about this slot, lets get into how to actually play it on an online casino. As with all slot games, the first thing you need to decide upon is your bet per line amount. You then select how many paylines you want to go for – anything between 1 payline and 25 paylines. This will affect how much you can win.

You can now select if you want to auto play anywhere between 10 and 100 games, letting the reels turn without you having to do anything. You’ll still have to play the bonus rounds though!