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About Playtech Casinos

Playtech Casinos is a company that began in 1999. Established within Estonia, Playtech Casinos is now of the greatest and most prestigious gaming software platforms in regards to online casinos in gaming history.  

They are currently now based within the Isle of Man, with other multiple headquarters around the world. The recent years have proved very active for their career and establishment, with many competitors and companies acquiring business and collaborations with them.

The History of Playtech

In 2010, Playtech bought a selection of their biggest competitors for providing software to online casinos such as GTS, Virtue Fusion, Ash Gaming and many, many more. Alongside the buy-ins of the popular gaming aggregators, they updated their software productions by buying in on further new mobile gaming enablers such as Mobenga.

Playtech offers gaming enthusiasts a large array of services and varieties of casino games, from live dealer game productions to video slot machine games, and other very popular table games. They are very saturated within the casino market and known for their life-changing games. A game that has brought them much popularity within the recent years is the Ugga Bugga and Goblins Cave game- this gave players a 99% return to player percentage rate!

A very safe and trustworthy games software provider, they hold a license from the UK Gambling Commissions, meaning they are liable and able to release and offer games to UK players!

Browse All The Latest & Best Playtech Casino Games

Due to Playtech investing for the best technological advancements within their gaming, you will find that they currently within the casino market have some of the best games available for you to play – and you can bet some of your favourites are on this list, whether its slots or table games!

Browse and view our range of Playtech games lists within our site here and read further reviews of online casinos and reviews available about each varying game. Throughout our selections, our sites agents will play and give a 100% real and honest opinion about the games and what they have to offer a budding gamer like yourself! We review on very strict guidelines and will only offer you the best of the best.

Why Should You Play at a Playtech Casino?

The online casinos from Playtech offer you a very unique player experience. When you play you will find that all their bonuses are very much competitive and of high value to play with, including mouth watering bonuses such as tonnes of free spins… a hefty first deposit bonus and matched bonuses… and even cashback on your losses on some of the casino gamess. All their games have also been specifically designed to support all major platforms that their gamers use. From Windows platforms to Android and iOS- you name it and they very much have got it.

Their gaming catalogues within all the years since establishment exceeds now over a whopping 800 games to play on online casinos, meaning you have plenty to tuck right into if your gaming ventures consist of Playtech and Playtech alone! In terms of their game designs and themes, many of their big titles are actually based from big motion pictures and famous cartoons etc. meaning the gaming will be very much familiar and you can definitely develop more of sentiment towards the games that you play.

If gambling via slot games and other online casino games is not your particular cup of tea, then you can try other forms of gambling via their bingo platforms, live coverage and virtual interaction gaming that they have most recently founded into.    

These types of games are alot less intensive, so if you’re more of a passive and relaxed gambler, these are your best bets. With games like bingo though, you can still win big – some jackpots can range REALLY high, especially if you get a full house!  

Do not forget to check out our other top UK software providers within our site. Gaming software developers such as IGT, NetEnt, Microgaming and many more deserve your time and attention too!

Mobile Casino Gaming – Playing with Playtech whilst on the move

If you enjoy playing mobile online casino games online then Playtech is the one for you. As most of us will agree too, playing on the move is one of the most fun and enjoyable ways to play. You can have a few quick games on the train to work… a relaxing few games in bed on a lazy Sunday morning using up your deposit bonus or even play whilst on the toilet if that’s your preference.

Playtech have an integrated and updated HTML5 technology that will ensure that your gaming is very much compatible across many various platforms. As mentioned briefly within the introduction, if you own an Android operated mobile, iOS or Windows phone, there will be no compromised quality in your gambling gaming experience, you get the full experience, every time.

Even desktop Playtech gaming, tablets and smartwatches will have the best graphics quality to offer you. Playtech thrives on knowing they can provide to you a mobile/portable device a gaming experience that is fast, smooth and the cleanest of experiences. Fresh gaming is their goal and you need to try out what they have to offer for you to believe it!

Their wide flexiblity in gaming is why it is so loved, as anyone anywhere can get a piece of what they have to offer and usually bets within their games can start from as low as a single penny!

Playtech Slots

Playtech slots are made with innovative concepts that exceed the regular and standard boring slots that you may find. Simple slots are a thing of the past. With Playtech, you are guaranteed to find games developed directly from popular film culture and cartoon fields.

You will find Playtech collaborates with big names like HBO, DC Comics, Paramount, MGM and NBC Universal to offer some pretty incredible and exciting games. If you are interested to try out the games that they have to offer which take after large existing film culture productions check out the following picks that we would recommend to you: Play alongside the caped crusader with Batman, Feel the need for speed with Top Gun, Join some of the worlds biggest superheroes with Justice League, or what about gambling with the man of steel himself – Superman. Heck, you can even go back to the stone ages and play with the modern stone age family – The Flintstones and so many more!

However, do not be under the presumption that their games are all made from mass production movies, they have many original titles that are theirs and theirs alone and highlighting their own gaming genius.

Playtech Progressive Jackpots

When someone mentions slot games, after talking about free spins a mention of progressive jackpots usually swiftly follows. Theres a wide range and series of Playtech progressive jackpots that you can play – they boast over 30 games to their name, with Jackpot Giant giving one lucky player a record of £8.2 million in their gaming experience. Now that’s a whole boatload of money! Playtech enthusiasts all know of the genius that goes behind the gaming creations and with jackpots with potential like that, maybe its time you did too?

What Progressive jackpot slots are there?

Other progressive jackpots that you need to check out include the titles: Beach Life, Funky Fruits, Gold Rally and Gladiator. These slots are really nice to play, with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from Playtech but with the added bonus of you being able to win a serious amount of cash.

You will never know if it will be your lucky day when playing any progressive jackpot; yet one thing is for certain, their games are manifested in a completely unique creation that exhibits everything slot games need to have for their players. That is why you need to play on a Playtech casino today! You do not want to miss out on all the offers and gaming prodigies out there, it could be the biggest gaming improvements you have made yet.

Best Playtech Table games

Table games are always a hardcore online casino gamers option as there’s nothing quite like the thrill of sitting down and playing against other players. If you’re one of these types of players, at a Playtech Casino you will find game editions that go into every type of casino game you can even think of.

Playtech venture into the more traditional roulette games, blackjack, baccarat, poker and many more low hyped genres. All games are made to highlight and showcase a traditional casino – like that you would find in a typical land based brick and mortar casino – only made better because it is an online casino and you get to have that type of experience from wherever you want. You will find the same traditional colour schemes used to decorate the chips and casino tables as you’ll see in the big land based casinos. Everything traditionally remains the same, yet with online casino games you have the freedom to play wherever you want.

Live Dealer Games

Liver dealer games are snippets into a real-life casino gaming experience. You can use this opportunity to feel like you are in a swanky casino Vegas -but for much, much less. Playtech also gives to their live games a unique attention to detail to ensure they are highly unique within their market. You will find their name currently there are four types of baccarat available. In addition to this, there are 3 European exclusive roulette types that you can play, which definitely have gained popularity since their release due to European roulette being favoured moreover American variants for example.

Wide choice of Blackjack games

Blackjack players will enjoy the awesome 5-hand draw and one side bet variation that Playtech have as it is definitely a different take on the plain old boring blackjack that is so commonly found within casinos. Definitely try out the different live dealer games that are available for you on all our selections of casinos that we have listed for you. A unique gaming experience for sure awaits ahead of you. All you need to do is sign up and join.


Playtech bingo is one of the largest bingo networks in the world, with over 400 games available for players to play, there is always something new released for players to enjoy and try. Bingo is very much a popular gambling variant – it’s alot slower and less intense than most other gambling games. For this reason Playtech has ensured that players can use their bingo Playtech platforms within their portable mobile devices too.

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