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Top Casinos That Accept PayPal

For those of you that may not have come across PayPal before, it is a digital e-wallet that you can register your debit card to or just your bank account in general. It is the main method of payment used on some of the biggest eCommerce sites, like eBay.

It’s extremely easy to set up and you can be verified and ready to get playing online really, really quick – in just a few minutes in some cases! This form of transaction is accepted and widely used all over the world.

History of PayPal: From Humble Beginnings to Payment Powerhouse

PayPal started life in 1998 being called Confinity and was the brainchild of 2 guys. They puvoted the brand towards being able to receive and send money a year later, and went public with the company in 2002.

This move would be one of the most important for PayPal – as in 2002 they were bought by eBay who shot PayPal to fame and made it the gobal powerhouse for payments that it is today.

Today in 2020 PayPal is the second most used form of payment online – only just behind debit and credit card. in 2019, it had a payment volume of almost a trillion dollars for the year, with a huge $199.4 bilion going through PayPal in just the last quarter alone!

How to Register with a PayPal Casino

Registering with PayPal and connecting it with your online casino wallet is extremely easy. PayPal is designed to be very user-friendly and you can register an account quickly and easily by using the step-by-step guide that we have listed below.

Choose the Best PayPal Casino for you

This is possibly the most difficult step in the process. There is so much choice when it comes to finding the right PayPal casino, as all of them have something or many things to offer customers. For this step, we recommend reading through the casino reviews, taking a look at the different features that the Paypal casinos offer, including games, bonuses, support, mobility and more. Also, see the rating of the casinos.

Base your choice off of what you’re looking for in a Paypal deposit casino – maybe you’re after a wide selection of games… or a certain theme of Paypal casino with a nice interface… or even just the best welcome bonus! Whatever your reason is, keep this in the back of your mind as you’re choosing an online casino with Paypal.

Register with a Casino

Now that you have decided which Paypal casino is best for you from the list, it is time to sign up! Use our link to go over to the site, where you can signup to the PayPal casino using the simple and easy registration process, all that is required is a few personal details, then you are ready to go!

Make sure you look at all the bonuses including the welcome bonus on offer and whether you need to put a code in to claim them – usually you don’t but if you do, the casino using Paypal will usually tell you where you need to enter it. If the online casino does offer a welcome bonus, ensure you can claim it by making PayPal deposits, as some casino sites will require you use a debit card or alternative method to claim the bonus funds.

Make your first Deposit

It is time to make your very first deposit! Before you decided exactly how much you want to deposit, take a look at the welcome bonus that the Paypal casino UK offers. The reason for this is because your first deposit may affect how much you can receive in bonus funds. Once you have decided how much you want to deposit, you will need to log into your PayPal account to confirm the transaction.

If you can claim any other types of bonus, take a look at how you claim them. Sometimes you may even get a bonus specificaly for using PayPal deposits as your first deposit method.

Then get playing!

Now that you have registered your account and have deposited your funds, you are now able to play any of the casino games that the online platform has to offer! Choose from a range of slots, table games, live games and more.

If you have any bonus spins or an amount in your bonus funds to spend, why not use them up and see if you can get a quick win!

Why Should you Use PayPal?

Due to how popular PayPal is, it may be the case that you have already got a PayPal account that you can use, which makes it even easier for you to use it – you may have done some online shopping with it previously or used it to send money easily to a friend. Either way this means you do not have to create one.

PayPal is one of the most commonly accepted e-wallets methods of transaction at a casino. It is no longer the case where we have to use just a debit card. More and more payment methods are being introduced and accepted at online casinos so they can accomodate more customers. One of these methods being e-wallets, in which PayPal is the most popular.

What are the benefits of using PayPal?

It’s one of the fastest payment methods for depositing and withdrawing

Deposits that are made from a PayPal account to a casino account are processed instantly, this means that as soon as you confirm the transaction, you are able to play with the money. With withdrawals, they can also be fast. Some payment methods, like cards, can take days to process a withdrawal, however, PayPal is able to do it in hours.

It’s also really speedy to sign up. You can be all signed up and ready to pay within minutes – you just need to verify your email address and then verify your bank account. For this PayPal will deposit a penny with a special code as the reference number, which you’ll need to enter on your PayPal account. After that, you’re all done!

High withdrawal and deposit limits so it’s Good for high rollers/big wins

For those who like to deposit and withdraw high amounts, PayPal casinos are perfect for you. The reason for this is because PayPal allows for high transaction limits, both deposits and withdrawals – this is because PayPal has some of the best onine security in the world.

These limits can also depend on the Paypal casino themselves as they can set limits. Typically, PayPal allows you to withdraw high amounts and also deposit high amounts – great for those big wins and when you want to be a high-roller!

Incredible security for your funds and peace of mind

Being the second most used payment method on the internet, PayPal is in charge of a lot of money moving around. because of this, they have a wide range of security measures to make sure they’re secure from hackers getting hold of their customers bank details and sensitive information.

From double verification, to working alongside the biggest email providers to stop phishers and spam email pretending to be PayPal, to even working alongside the likes of Visa, Mastercard and American Express – a lot of these measures help ensure your winnings and bank details are incredibly safe when using PayPal to fund your casino gaming and withdraw your winnings.

It can be used at multiple casinos

This benefit is not very well known – but is incredibly handy. Basically, you can use the same PayPal account to fund multiple casino accounts – as long as the casino accepts PayPal! This allows you to take your winnings from one casino, withdraw them into your PayPal account, and then deposit them straight into a different casino account to play there.

Imagine winning some money at one casino… withdrawing those winnings safey and speedily into your PayPal account… and then using those winnings to join a new Paypal casino and get the deposit – say a matched deposit bonus of 100%. With this bonus, you just got to play at the new casino with double your winnings!

What are the drawbacks of using PayPal

It can take time to be verified – upto a couple of days

The verification can take time – up to a few days in some cases. PayPal is very serious about verification, since it could potentialy be used for money laundering, and so wants to make sure everyone stays above board and says they are who they say they are. This is why the verification process can take a few days, as PayPal as so thorough.

Not all casinos accept PayPal due to the fees

Whilst it is a hugely popular payment gateway over the entire internet, PayPal has only quite recently started to allow the gambling sector to use it as a payment gateway. It also charges quite high rates for business to use its services as a gateway – all of these security features don’t come cheap!

Because of this, some online casinos won’t use PayPal as a method of depositing and withdrawing. Saying this, you have nothing to fear as the biggest names in online casinos, especially the ones we’ve listed on this page – all accept PayPal.

One thing to note about casinos that don’t accept PayPal is that using PayPal is seen as a symbol of trust in the online gambling world. PayPal only works with respectable and legitimate companies – and so not having an option to use PayPal could be the sign of a shady site!

How to Open a PayPal Account

In order to be able to make PayPal deposits to your casino wallet, you need an actual PayPal account, which is very easy to set up.

Here is how:

  1. Head over to the official PayPal site or download the app from the app store. make sure you go to the official site and look for the SSL padock next to the URL field.
  2. Fill out their simple and easy registration form – which wil ask for your banking information and personal information. All of this is kept safe within PayPal using their top class security protocols.
  3. Once you have completed the registration, you will need to verify your email. As soon as it is verified, you are then able to start adding your banking account information and make transactions.
  4. Enter your bank details, whether it is a credit card or debit card to your account. This is where the money will be taken from but using PayPal as the middleman.
  5. The next step will be verification of your account, to prove that it’s you bank account and financial details you’re using. This is a simple process and shouldn’t take long.
  6. Now your account is set up, you will be able to process payments and make your first deposit into your casino of choice!

Requirements of Getting Started with a PayPal Casino

Now that you know how to register at top PayPal casinos and also how to open an official account with them, we’ll go into to you what exactly is needed. A PayPal account, of course, is the ultimate necessity.

You will also need a bank account that transactions can be processed from. The other way around this is if your PayPal account is already funded. You can hold funds in your PayPal account, which then means that when you make a transaction into a PayPal casino, it can just be taken from that balance or added to that balance. If your account is not funded, then you need a credit card or debit card that you can use to fund your account.

PayPal Mobile Casinos: How to play whilst on the go

PayPal is extremely mobile friendly, working perfectly if you’re using it on your mobile browser or if you use the app. All PayPal casinos in the UK that we have listed are mobile-friendly. This means that you are able to access them across a range of smartphone and tablet devices.

This is becoming a very popular way of playing at online Paypal casinos and players are seeing the convenience of it – you’re allowing yourself to be able to play anywhere, at any time. Whether you are on the go whilst waiting to board your next flight on holiday or you are wanting to pass some time on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you’re feeling particularly lucky, you can simply use a mobile device to access the online casinos accepting Paypal and their games.

For an even more immediate way of accessing your online casino account, you can download the official mobile casino app if that particular Paypal casino site has one. This is something that we are seeing increasing, a rise in the number of casino apps there are. These Paypal casino apps can be downloaded from an iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry device. You can head over to the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, where you can download the apps for free and get playing within a few short minutes.

PayPal also has an excellent feature which is known as PayPal One Touch. PayPal One Touch allows customers to be able to log into their account and confirm a transaction faster than ever – you simply use your fingerprint or if your phone has it, facial recognition. It’s a fast, quick and pretty secure way for you to enter your account.

Even more so than that, you can have your log in details encrypted into the device which will then simply automatically log you in. Depositing this way will allow you to be able to play with your cash faster – in just a couple of easy movements and a scan of your face or finger!

PayPal itself also has a downloadable app for you to take a look at. You can download the app across a range of different devices. This is always a useful and efficient way to getting into your account when you want to log in.

Another benefit of using a mobile device is that the experience that you have on a mobile PayPal casino is that the game animations, game types and actual gaming software is the same as a desktop device. Casino sites use HTML5 technology, so the experience is the same except it is just suited for a smaller screen.

New PayPal Casinos: How and why to play on the newest casinos.

Brand new casinos are always being released into the industry every single day, and a huge portion of these casinos that accept PayPal are everywhere! These new casinos are important to consider just like any new casino (Remember to not just look at the best casino bonus, deposit bonus and free spins!) – there are things you want to look for and things you want to avoid. Overal all though, these casinos are there for one reason – They are there to offer you a bespoke and innovative gaming experience that is as unique as possible.

When we talk about any online casino that accept PayPal being able to offer you a fresh experience, we are talking about the bonuses, the games and the features that are there. Some of the features may include Stuning visuals on different games, with story driven gameplay that absorbs the player in and keeps them playing to try and progress through the story.

Another fresh experience that these casino sites with Paypal are trying to offer is a modern interface that looks different to competitors. Being able to have a different ‘feel’ and theme from the competitors helps a new casino make a name for thmselves and be a bit more memorable than the others, ensuring that players come back and keep playing.

A fresh range of new casino games is yet another biggie for these newcomers. having the latest games that aren’t on other casinos gives them a step up, as punters love new, exciting slots or a brand new live experience.

Finally, new bonuses are being created by these casinos all the time. the wackier and bigger the better – some casinos now offer real life prizes in a ticket draw style… and one even lets customers win a £50 voucher for a pizza on certain days of the week – now thats wacky!

Even if you are not interested in looking for a new casino with Paypal deposit purely for the casino bonus, it is certainly worth having a look over them, just in case one stands out to you. Keeping on top of the changes happening in the industry means that you will not miss out on any new introductions that may appeal to you.

PayPal Live Casinos

It is difficult to find a casino nowadays that does not offer a live gaming section. Live casino games are one of the most innovative features of a casino that we currently have, as we continue to look for ways in which we can further make the expereience of an online casino using Paypal more realistic and as though you are there playing in a brick and mortar casino.

There are a range of different live casino games that customers can get playing. The live games are all based on table games that you would be able to play in a land casino. They are live because they are streamed to your screen using a webcam.

Within the stream, you can see a real life dealer, as well as the setting around them which will depend on the game you are playing – for example, a roulette game will have a roulette table and wheel. It is a great way to get the ultimate casino gaming experience from the comfort of your own environment and alot of players trust these live games more than online slots – these live games seem to have a more ‘random’ feel about them.

Since its introduction to the industry, it has attracted a lot of popularity and is continuing to grow, with more and more games starting to be eligible to be played lives. Game developers are working hard to allow customers to be able to play a range of different casino games live, giving you as much choice as they can.

Some PayPal casino sites will even offer a special sort of really good deposit bonus; where a hefty deposit bonus can only be used on a live casino game or table game. this is to try and promote these type of live games and introduce the players to the thrill of live casino.

There are even talks of a virtual reality casino becoming a thing in the future – players could interact with the live dealer through the virtual reality and get a full casino experience whilst being sat on the sofa at home! This could be a while away though, and the live casino is a realy close match.

What Live casino games can you play on?

The different types of games that you can play at our list of PayPal casinos include live Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Wheel of Fortune and Sic Bo. There are some other gaming sites that accept Paypal that will offer fewer common games for you to play live. These live casinos also offer different variations of the same game. For example, you can play live European roulette, live American roulette and more.

In the PayPal casino reviews that we have written for these types casinos, you will be able to find exactly what live casino games they are offering.

PayPal Security

As we mentioned before, PayPal is in fact one of the most secure transaction methods in the world and certainly one of the most, if not the most secure that you can use at an online casino site. There are a number of reasons as to why they are the most secure.

One worry that a lot of customers have when it comes to registering with a new casino and depositing money with them, is that they are scared to give them their banking information. With PayPal, you don’t need this worry as you are not required to publicise any banking information with the actual casino – it’s PayPal that stores the payment details, not the casino. when you use PayPal is not like a card payment where they want you to provide them with a long number, the CV number and expiry date.

What security measures does PayPal have?

The risk of the above information being in the wrong hands is eliminated. All you need to require is your login information on your PayPal account. Safety and security are massively important and therefore it is great to have this sort of reassurance from a payment method. PayPal itself has quite a few different security measures – including:-

PayPal has even more ways it keeps people secure that they aren’t telling you, because they can’t reveal all of their tricks!

PayPal Fees and what you’ll have to pay

PayPal themselves do not charge any fees for using them. What PayPal does is charge the casinos themselves a percentage of the money they deposit and wthdraw through PayPal and that is how they make their money.

Thich is good for players because they do not have to worry about paying anything extra for making a deposit or losing money on a withdrawal – what you withdraw is what you get. Some online casinos that use Paypal may decide to add fees onto PayPal payments and this will be stated in the terms and conditions – they often do this to try and stem their costs of doing business with PayPal.

One of thing to note is the fact that PayPal will charge you if you’re buying or depositing using any other currency than Great Bitish Pounds – this is a small fee for currency conversion.

PayPal Slots

PayPal slot games are not slot games that are specific to players that funding their playing through PayPal. They are simply just normal slots that all players can play by making a PayPal deposit into a casino. All of the casinos that take Paypal that we have listed above have an excellent range of online casino games that you can play with, using funds that you have deposited using this efficient form of payment.

Most of the UK slot sites will accept PayPal. We have a slots page with a range of the best slot sites on, that you can use PayPal with. You can play slot games – including your favourites – with different types of features, whether it is new slot games, jackpot slots, classic slots and more.

The Main Alternatives to PayPal

PayPal is not the only company out there to class as an e-wallet and to also be a payment provider to online casinos. We would recommend the PayPal casino deposit option as we think that it is the best – they’re easily the most secure, and that is one of the biggest things you should be thinking about whilst you’re playing online – making sure your money and financial details are safe – but there is a range of other betting options for you to take a look at if an online PayPal casino doesn’t sound that appealing.

First of all, if it is e-wallets that you are interested in using, then take a look at the other e-wallets that are available for you to you. Some of these methods share similar advantages to PayPal.

Skrill: Coming in at number 2 in the online e-wallet option, Skrill is another free online payment method. It is extremely easy for customers to open a Skrill account and they are accepted by a range of the biggest betting sites in the UK. Skrill also offers a prepaid Mastercard to customers who are interested. Again, this payment option does not require your card details.

Neteller: Neteller is another excellent example of a payment method which is in fact similar to Skrill. They are free to register with and also have fair wagering limits. You can link it to your bank account to be able to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your betting account, just like PayPal.

Paysafecard: With Paysafecard, you don’t even need a bank account! You are able to buy prepaid cards from shops using cash. These cards have a code on them, which you enter into the casino in order to deposit your funds. This is the most secure deposit method in the sense that no payment details are required – you are not entering in any card details or e-wallet details.

Pay by Phone: Yes, you read that correctly, you can pay by phone! This is an excellent payment option that is so easy. Paying by your phone means that you are using your phone contract or phone credit in order to deposit funds. You can not use this payment option to withdraw funds, however, and wil need to use another option to get access to any winnings you get.

How to Play with PayPal Today!

Now that you are aware of the PayPal casinos that there are and also the benefits of them, it is time to go and get playing on your new favourite casino! Use the step by step guide that we provided earlier in order to begin and have the best gaming experience.

We strongly recommend these types of Paypal accepted casinos and using this as a preferred method of payment. There are a lot of extreme benefits to it – including the security, ease and maybe even a nice bonus. Speaking of bonuses, You will find that some PayPal casinos offer the best bonuses and games, which will have a positive effect on your experience as a whole. Sign up to a PayPal casino UK now and enjoy!

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