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Best Casinos Operating on Novomatic

Who are Novomatic?

Novomatic are a world-renowned international gambling company who have been operating since 1980. The company was created by Austrian billionaire Johann Graf and in June 2016 they decided to purchase the UK gambling company Talarius from the Tatts Group who are based in Australia. As of 2020 Novomatic are the biggest conglomerate of gaming companies in the entire world with more than 19,000 employees.

You may be interested to find out that Novomatic are the biggest land-based casino game provider too as they serve to more than 80 different countries around the world and in 2011 they turned over a whopping $3 billion! Novomatic took over Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions in September 2011 and this has helped the company in various ways which have had a positive impact.

Novomatic have had tons of success over the years and they are now regarded as true pioneers in the online gambling industry because of the great work they have done as well as operating for a good few decades. There are dozens of Novomatic offices in various different locations around the world, some of the most popular places include Poland, Algeria, Nigeria, Great Britain, the Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan and Ireland.

Over the years Novomatic as a company have continued to expand and they now operate in various different markets. Novomatic have got a top range of online games, lottery terminals, video terminals, sports betting sites and slot machines. All of these areas that Novomatic have gone into have helped the company increase their amounts of success and it is clear to see that they thrive on delivering high-end products to their players.

Why Play on a Novomatic Site?

It is fair to say that there is no denying the fact that Novomatic are a brilliant company who are great at what they do and they have certainly cemented their name as pioneers in the online gambling industry. Novomatic have got some top online casinos and we definitely suggest all of our readers to play on them.

There are tons of reasons as to why we suggest a casino which runs on Novomatic software and even though we can’t go through all of them we have decided to dedicate this part of the guide to listing some of the very best reasons as to why you should play on Novomatic games and casinos in 2020.

So the first reason why we recommend you playing on a Novomatic online casino is because they are known to have a large range of games. These games are really fun to play on, they have unique designs, lots of different themes and they are just purely great to play on. From slot games to blackjack, roulette and more, you certainly won’t find yourself getting bored on the games that Novomatic have available on their Casinos so be sure to give them a go.

We also highly rate Novomatic sites because of how well-developed they are. These casinos have clearly had lots of time spent on them to make them not only look good but perform good too. The appearances which includes the designs are top and navigation, responsiveness and other interior features all add up to make them a joy to play on. Due to the fact that they have been developed by Novomatic who are a reliable company you can play with ease knowing you are in safe hands.

Any Novomatic UK casino is very well-known for paying large amounts of cash to players who win when playing on their casinos and this is clearly a top advantage for any player who wants to win big! Nothing feels much better than winning big money on your favourite casino games and this is fully possible with Novomatic. So if you would like to have lots of fun whilst filling your pockets then you know where to go.

Novomatic on Mobile & Tablet devices: How to play whilst on the go

These days online casinos that offer mobile apps are on the rise with millions upon millions of players all around the world investing their time time/money on them on a regular basis. Mobile gambling is renowned for being convenient and there are various other reasons too as to why this type of betting is so popular.

From the convenience to the bonuses that are available and lots more, mobile casinos are loved by players from all over and Novomatic have clearly understood this. Novomatic have ensured that all of their top casinos are available to be played on mobile devices and this is mainly done by the phone app which is free to download.

SIn addition to mobile devices, a Novomatic casino UK can be played on tablet devices too. Common devices include iPhone, Samsung, iPad, LG and Sony.

The Novomatic mobile apps have got high ratings and they are known for having some top features. In addition to this they operate just like the normal web browser site which means you are guaranteed to have a top time.

Bonuses & Promotions Available

If you are a regular online casino player then you will know that it is essential for casinos to have a good range of bonuses and promotions. With this being said, I am pleased to say that Novomatic casinos are renowned for their large amount of bonuses/promotions which can certainly enhance your overall gaming experience as well as assisting you in winning big bucks!

All Novomatic casinos that we recommend here on have got some brilliant incentives, from a nice welcome bonus to free spins, multipliers and money off codes for you to use on the casino games. The most popular bonuses and promotions on Novomatic casinos are displayed on the homepage of the casino sites but if you can’t find any that you like there then you can simply head over to the ‘promotions’ page where all the available bonuses/promotions are shown. Terms and conditions do apply when it comes to taking advantage of these incentives so be sure to have this in mind.

What Games can you play at these casinos

One of the best things about Novomatic casinos is the great range of games they have. These games are great to play on at any online casino we’ve got on this page and I’m sure you will be pleased to know that there are lots of them for you to have hours of fun on!

From bingo to baccarat, blackjack, poker, craps and table games – and so much more. There really is tons of options and because of this I can guarantee that you won’t find yourself feeling bored when on these Novomatic slots.

We know that it can be quite tricky to narrow down what games to play on when there is a large variety, so to give you a helping hand we have decided to list some of the most popular novomatic games and slotsthat you can find in 2020 down below so be sure to check them out.

Final Thoughts on Novomatic

Casinos operating on Novomatic are great, they have had a big impact on the online gaming industry and I have to say that I am really impressed with what they have to offer. Novomatic games are filled with epic features that make them awesome to play on, from the themes, bonus features, variety (including your favourite Novomatic slots and table games) and even the overall feel of the casinos.

Any Novomatic sites that we list on have been developed to a top standard and you can definitely expect to have a good time when playing on them. One thing which caught my attention about these casinos has to be the large real money payouts and this is obviously a top feature which is why millions of players love playing on these casinos.

Overall, the online casinos developed by Novomatic are excellent and I would absolutely recommend all of our players to play on them. So if you would like try out and see what Novomatic slots have to offer, and their brilliant features then be sure to check them out.