No Wagering Casinos

No Wagering Casinos

Playing casinos online is a fairly serious business, especially when it’s a no wagering casino involved. You will find that you can go about playing consistently and religiously, but your hate for wagering requirements will always remain the same! With no wagering casinos, you can play with complete contentment, knowing there is no strings attached and the winnings and things aside are yours to keep-with no hassle!

Beginners will always find that wagering requirements are hard to get their heads around, so we went with a mission in mind, to ensure we can get the best no wagering casinos around for you and your new casino journey. Us at Casinosites are passionate to make your gaming experience beyond a pleasant one. We want to kindle the inner gambler within you and that all starts today with our feature on ‘best casino sites no wagering requirements’. Read more to get your daily fix on all things casino and no deposit no wagering casinos.

No wagering requirements UK

Within the extract, you will find all the collated information by our Casinosites agents, who have sought out all the non-conditional casinos that will never require you to wager your winnings or have any secret hidden terms and conditions. What you see is what you get. You may even find little hidden gems in the no wagering casinos that we have found for you. No deposit no wagering casinos are real and you will find that within our tables that feature the casinos, we have summarised within our reviews a quick overview of all the no deposit no wagering casino bonuses there are. Expect to see ‘free spins no deposit no wagering requirements’ often within our bonuses headings. Just a little treat to reward your determination in casino gambling.

Why should you choose an online no wagering requirement casino?

First and foremost, before we can dive into all the positive attributes to a no wagering requirement casino within the UK, you will need to make a comparison between casinos that do have wagering requirements and casino that have no wagering requirements. Usually, casinos that have wagering requirements will come attached to all sorts of binding terms and conditions that many modern a player will not have even noticed, until the time they request to take out all their hard-earned cash in the process. Completing your wagering requirements, often take much time to achieve and you will find that each time you make a wager, your winnings will be significantly reduced as you are not guaranteed in keeping them. In addition to this, the casino bonus expiry dates can be very unrealistic to attach and associate with the wagers. How is it possible to make a wagering requirement of 99 times for example, within 72 hours?

No wagering casinos are the complete opposite to the typical normality within casinos. Yes, the bonus amounts may be significantly decreased in value and quantity. However, whatever you receive upon signing up, is yours to keep and yours alone. Once you have decided you are done and have won some money out of the bonus, the winnings are yours to keep and withdraw whenever you so choose.

These bonuses are definitely great for new players as let’s face it, newer players will be unable to make a vast casino impact with their winnings immediately. It will take time, effort and good habits. Having a large bankroll from bonus cash funds associated with casino bonuses, can make a new UK player feel like they are jumping within the deep end-all the terms and conditions associated with casinos and wagering requirements etc. can be the overwhelming first time. Therefore, small steps, smaller amounts and no wagering requirements, sounds like a good match to us-wouldn’t you agree?

What are the characteristics of no wagering casino bonuses?

Playing no wagering casinos can give you the independence to play how and where you like. You will not be dictated in your playing style and can roam much freer without all the strings attached that usually come with casino bonuses nowadays.

The money that you should so choose to opt for will be yours to receive, play with-when and where, in addition to allowing you to play in, however, you see fit. It is definitely a great bonus to grab while you can, as it is definitely rare and unique to have so much say and freedom with free real money in casino sites. In addition to this, the games that are available for you to play on with your bonus within the no wagering casinos will all be accessible without any hidden caps on the number of winnings you can make. This can be very exciting to deal with if you have managed to grab hold of the no wagering free spins within your bonus amount. These can make your reels go crazy in money chaos-and definitely the good kind, with no complaints of negativity whatsoever!

The money bonuses that come associated with no wagering casinos will often not have a huge and pressing demand either for you to quickly use up. The time expiry is often very much more lenient and very achievable, for you to make some nice winning amounts for yourself. After all, gaming shouldn’t be hurried or played in haste- it’s about having a fun overall experience in the long term, no?

You could even possibly consider updating your gaming bonus style to a low wagering casino bonus within the UK instead. This is definitely a jump up and we would recommend you utilise it, once you have got everything you could out of the no wagering casino alternatives. No wagering casinos will give you access to larger bonus cash funds, and again they are more achievable-especially with all the experience you have gained building up towards it.

Try the best sites: online casino without wagering requirements

The type of no wagering casino bonus that you select to play with, will depend entirely on the casino goals you have when playing. It differs from player to player. For example, some players will select to play a no wagering casino with no wagering free spins accommodating, due to their love and preference for slot games. Therefore, this combination is very much perfect and ideal. However, other players may choose quite the opposite and decide to play with just a no wagering casino bonus cash fund, so that they may actually play with all the live casino dealer games and other table games that the casino offers, due to preferring the authenticity of a casino feel these games bring.

There are other factors which drive players towards different no wagering requirement casinos. These include aspects such as the general game selections and software providers, the payment withdrawal speeds I.e. if it is a fast paying casino, security of a casino and the general customer support that one can receive upon registering and playing with the said casino itself.  So definitely read up on all the protocols that our casino choices have put in hand for your player experience. You will find all points will be elaborated for each casino review respectively.

How do we select our no wagering casino bonuses?

When we make our choices, we try to have everything in mind that you, as a casino UK player would prioritise within casino qualities. Therefore, we have made a strict protocol and casino attributes that the casino options that come to our attention need to have; if they don’t we neglect them altogether, as we believe that they are not the best and safest options for your gaming experience! Fin listed below, all the factors that we consider when we are listing and reviewing the best no wagering casinos within the UK.

Security and fairness

This is one of the most significant factors that we look into. Security is everything, especially when UK new players are trusting and sharing their sensitive information online. Therefore, there is a series of factors that we look into to determine if a casino is safe overall to play within. If a casino has the reputable licensing to deem it legal for players to game online with, this will be a good indicator that the following security and fairness procedures are followed through. If a casino has any of the recognised UK licensing such as UK Gambling Commission licensing (UGC), The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, this will deem a casino safe. This is due to the following site audits that are compulsory for a casino to go through frequently within the year. These audits will test the random number generator and SSL encryption within a casino, to ensure the site is protected against game rigging and unfairness, in addition to the encryption which prevents third parties viewing your details. The well-known bodies (most legitimate game safety and fairness bodies) ADR, iTech and eCOGRA, are all associated with the licensing bodies mentioned. Therefore, this would give us the most confidence to include casinos in our reviews, if they hold the licenses mentioned.

Mobile compatibility

This brings us onto the next top priority for big top casinos within the UK. No wagering casinos cannot be seen like any good if they do not have the most up to date casino software that supports mobile casino gaming. This is because now in 2020, there is a significant number of players that utilise their phone to play casinos online. It is estimated that over 80% of players do in fact gamble from their mobile casino, meaning that if a casino doesn’t support the latest HTML5 technology for iOS, Android and Windows it will not be worth any game time at all for players, with the possibility of being very outdated.

Game variety

Another factor which we hold close to our heart upon selection of casinos is the game variety available for you to go wild on and use your no wagering casino bonuses! It is imperative that a good no wagering casino will accommodate players from all sort of gaming backgrounds. Big top casinos will understand that all players have different gaming goals to use their bonuses on and therefore much make sure each and every player is satisfied and provided for. If a casino doesn’t have a large gaming catalogue that features across all the genres of table games, live dealer casino and video slot games-it is a definite no from us!

Bonus and promotions

Obviously with bonuses, comes very happy players! So, when we overview what the no wagering casinos have to offer players in their casino experience, we want to make sure that they are worth your time. If the casino gives you no wagering free spins, yet limits your gaming towards one game and another no wagering casino doesn’t. It is pretty apparent which choice we will pick right? We believe that no wagering casinos should be all about flexibility and gaming that you can look forward too every day without feeling bored in a strut of a routine.

Payment methods and withdrawal speeds

The majority of the big top casinos nowadays come with a very fast paying casino scheme for you to enjoy and use. Usually fast paying casinos exceed the normality of waiting the typical 3-5 to receive your payments. Now, it has very much evolved and become an efficient payment scheme which players can fully feel satisfied with. Therefore, expect to see your casino withdrawals from our choices, to not exceed the 24-hour limit in payment referrals to your payment method of choice. In addition to this, big top casinos for UK players should also provide a large and flexible variety of payment methods. Particularly the most popular choices when playing casinos online i.e. e-wallets and pay by mobile phone options. The amount of payment method options that a casino can provide to you, is often a very good indicator of whether a casino is well networked and linked. Therefore, if they don’t have it all, we don’t recommend it. It is as simple as that!

Customer care

Customer care and service is something of a necessity within online casinos. Especially within no wagering requirement bonuses. Things can go wrong, faults within receiving and triggering your bonuses. It is usual for the best casinos to always include three to four routes of enquiry for help. Casinos should include a frequently asked questions directory, where UK players can individually seek self-help and solve their issues, if it isn’t urgent. Other forms of contact include email enquiry, where you can contact a casino site agent over email and expect a response within 24 hours. Again, this is for enquiries that need attention-but not of the urgent kind. The final selection of contact options includes the live chat options which are usually available via a minimised sideboard on your screen and the direct hotline phone option. These will get you in contact there and then, with a casino agent and they will guide you of the solution option you have, to assist your issues and problems within your casino gaming.

No wagering bonuses for players

These bonuses that can appear in many forms to accompany your casino gaming online. Examples of these include the no wagering deposit bonus, where you will be awarded complimentary funds upon your deposit into the casino, that is not obliged or required to accompany any wagering requirements. These do tend to be smaller in size in comparison to bigger casino deposit bonuses-yet it’s free; so, no complaining from us.

Other bonuses you can receive is a bonus just for signing up to the casino, that again will not require you to wager-the cash is your whenever and however you see fit. These will often ask you to deposit a certain amount back into the casino upon your withdrawal of winnings however, just to ensure that you come back to play and still play with the casino itself.

Last but not least, the most loved casino no wagering requirements bonus-the no wagering free spins! These will be granted to you the new player upon registration to the casino. Yes, they will not be in large numbers and usually in small clusters of ten to fifteen. However, these free spins have the power to make winning combinations within your reel and all you need to do is press that spin button…

How do I get my no wagering casino bonus?

To get your no wagering casino bonus, you simply need to follow up the registration process that we have outlined for you.

Sign up and register

The first step towards some happy no wagering requirement bonuses for you is signing up and creating your casino profile! This can usually be one by accessing the link via our no wagering casino recommendations and clicking through to the site directly! Click ‘sign up’ or ‘join now’ to have access to all the no wagering casino bonuses the site has.

Fill in your details

This is where the casino will ask of you to fill in your necessary details to identify you and make your personal casino profile. Usually, you can expect to input your name, address, contact information and a form of identification, so that casinos can ensure you are of legal playing age within the UK gambling laws.

Authenticate and play

After you have filled out and completed your online form, it will submit to the casino where they will send you a link via your email; to authenticate your casino account. Once you have verified your account, you should find that whatever bonus is advertised via the casino has been triggered and you are free to fly off and play to your heart’s content!

Frequently asked questions

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are the multipliers that get applied to your bonus scheme from the casino. These are values that you must accommodate and apply to your winnings before you are permitted to withdraw them. Usually, casino wagering requirements start low from 4 times all the way up to a massive 99 times. That being said, usually the higher the wagering requirement is, the larger the bonuses are in value. You work out how much you owe in wagering, by multiplying your wagering requirement multiplier by the bonus you have received. Therefore, if you have attained a £20 bonus from a casino and the multiplier was 30 times. You will have to wager £600 before you are permitted to withdraw your winnings.

Can I withdraw without abiding by wagering requirements?

The answer, in short, is definitely a no. This is due to how strict casinos are with the terms and conditions. Before you take any bonus out, they always state the terms you are subjected to and it is your responsibility to ensure you abide by them. Usually, casinos will penalise you for attempting to withdraw a bonus before you have achieved the wagering requirement. The severity of the penalisation depends on the casino itself and their regulations. But it has been seen that casinos have terminated players profiles over not redeeming their wagering requirements. So, it is always better to read up all the details before you even attempt to withdraw your winnings!

What are the best no wagering casino bonuses to play with?

The best bonuses around to play with that are no wagering, include the no deposit bonuses. They usually come via complimentary free spins and/or bonus cash. You can receive free real money without having to invest even a dime of your own money! You will be allowed to play on the casino games that the site provides and withdraw, when and where you see fit. We have included these casinos within our reviews, so definitely read up and find them within our op no wagering casino recommendations.