Top Instant Play Casino 2020

With the digital age allowing faster and faster connection speed through fibre broadband and 5G internet, the options to play casino games and online gambling without having to download anything are ever-increasing. Thanks to this, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in players playing on an instant play casino and flash casinos themselves.

Today we’re going to discuss these casinos, instant play being the main feature of them we’re going to discuss. We’ll be going over what they are, why you should play on them, the drawbacks to playing on them and even what types of games you’ll find and some questions we commonly get here at CasinoSites.

So, buckle up and strap in!

List of Instant Play Casinos

What is an Instant Play/Flash Casino?

An instant casino – or commonly known as a flash casino – is a casino where you don’t have to download a client from the web to play the games you want to play. In the past, you had to download a web-based client to play certain games on a casino as the technologies available wouldn’t allow you to play right then and there in your browser. The days of these types of casinos – download casinos – are coming to an end though.

Most online casinos will offer two ways to access their games – download to their computer or instant play. With the rise of flash 5 technology and other little bits such as Java, players now have the convenience of playing right in their web browser – no more clogging up your hard drive with files and folders.

The ease, speed and flexibility of this style of instant play casino is why they’re becoming so popular (more on this in a minute), and the no-download option of playing the casino game of choice is extremely simple to get, You simply need an internet connection and the most up to date version of Adobe are you’re ready to rock.

These types of instant play casinos online require players to visit the online casinos’ website and to register on the website. You’re then free to play your favourite casino games whenever the whim takes you; anytime and any place! Pretty much any online casino you find online nowadays has the option to play their games right there in the web browser.

Instant play casinos and casino games work well on every type of device – from a desktop unit, mobile phone, laptop or tablet. These types of online casinos are absolutely great for mobile gaming on, with the lack of things you have to download enabling an optimized online casino experience.

What Benefits are there to Playing on Instant Play Casinos?

Nothing to download with instant play– The main draw is that nothing needs to be downloaded. The ‘instant’ in instant play is what makes these so popular – players can sign up, make a deposit and be on their way to playing their favourite games. You won’t be restricted to playing on an online casino on a certain device such as your desktop unit at home.

You can play on an instant play casino on the move – Tied in with the first point, being able to play whilst you’re on the move is an absolute god send for people who just want a few games whilst on a commute or out and about. Instead of wasting mobile data having to download clients and apps to play, you can just go to the website, log in and get to playing.

Instant play works on any sort of system – No matter what you’re playing on, you know you’ll be able to have the full experience of online casinos. Whether it’s your tablet, computer or mobile, as long as you’ve got internet and the correct software is updated you’ll be able to play your favourite games – from slots to blackjack.

Are there Any Drawbacks to Playing on an Online Flash Casino?

There are a few drawbacks that you may need to consider when playing on these types of casinos over download casinos. They aren’t huge in our opinion but are always worth thinking about.

Internet speeds can affect gameplay – If you’re somewhere without an internet connection, then you won’t be able to play instant play on the casino. Internet speed is also a key component – if you’re connected to a slow wifi signal or have a limit on your data, you may experience gameplay on some internet intensive games which could make them unplayable.

The limited game selection at some casinos – With every online casino site being slightly different, the selection of casino software on offer will vary from casino to casino. This may mean that any particular games you want to play won’t be on there, or they may have a dated version of that game that requires a download to play. 

Graphics may suffer – Because these games need to run fast over the internet, some casino software creators limit the graphics for the game to keep things running at a nice pace. This won’t be a massive issue for some people, but if you’re a punter who loves great graphics on your games then the downloadable option would probably be best for you. 

Is Playing on an Instant Play Casino Safe?

This is a common question we get about instant play casinos, and the quick answer is yes if you do your checks on the casino you’re playing on. The two big things you want to be looking out for is the casino being licenced by the UKGC or the UK Gambling Commission. This is the licencing body for any online casino that operates in the UK and they have extremely tough measures in place that casinos need to meet, including things like financial responsibility and complaint procedures.

The second thing you want to check in any instant play casinos that peak your interest is making sure they have an up to date SSL certificate indicated by a padlock in the address bar. This means they’ve taken steps you secure their website from hackers and any data you enter is secured by encryption.

The only other thing you need to make sure is that you’re using a safe and trusted payment method on the online casino that’s well known to keep any financial information safe. Also making sure you only save any login and personal information on your personal computers and not on devices which are used by the general public or shared.

Type of Games on These Casinos

The great news is that you can play pretty much all game varieties you’d most likely be after at instant play casinos. Some of the most played would be the ones you can play quickly and on the go such as slot games, scratchcards and speedy rounds of roulette.

Slots are one of the speediest and simplest games you can play with instant, perfect for players on the go and wanting a quick gamble. They also come in a tonne of themes with different game mechanics and you can get them in fan favourite movies and TV shows.

Scratch cards are also just as fast and perfect again for the player on the go who just needs a quick gamble and doesn’t want to commit to anything that takes too long. They also display perfectly on smaller screens, another bonus for any mobile casino players.

Roulette isn’t as much of a ‘mindless’ game to play with instant play as the last two and can turn into something quite intense! It’s a faster-paced table game and most instant play casinos have it ready for players to easily stream. Great for players who want the classic casino atmosphere without having to trudge all the way down to an actual casino.

These were just a sample of some of the games you can play at instant play casinos – There are also things like poker and baccarat if you have a bit of time spare on your hand! In the end, it all falls down on what your preferences are and how you like to play – whether you want some less intense gambling to pass some time or something more involved with more of an atmosphere.

Will Instant Play Casino Games Work on my Mobile?

Most of the online casino games you find will run on what’s known as Flash by Adobe. This is a free plug-in that doesn’t take up much memory and Adobe themselves have estimated that a whopping 98% of all desktop computers that have access to the internet have it installed! It works great on all devices – from phones to tablet and home computers (Apple devices included!) – so no ones left out of the fun. Some casino games you find may run on what’s known as Java, which does the same thing as Adobe does and again is free and lightweight so it doesn’t hog the memory on your device.

Bonuses at Instant Play Casinos

With any online casino with instant play casino, you’re going to get the same bonuses as you would get from a normal casino. The actual bonus itself is going to be the same on every device – in this respect it’s universal. You’ll get the exact same cashback bonuses… welcome package or a deposit bonus… and VIP or loyalty bonuses as a normal casino – it’s just you get to play the games faster!

How important is Internet Connection Speed?

When playing on an instant play version of a casino, your internet speed is going to affect how the casino software runs, so it’s quite important. If you have a slow connection some aspects of the game may suffer and if you’re playing on a live casino with a live stream of the dealer, that may slow down. Whilst these aren’t things that would put someone off of playing on these types of online casinos, they can affect your experience.