Best IGT Casinos 2020

International Game Technology are an exciting choice of online casinos software that really offer something special to their customers. They offer software and games to casinos all across the world. They have a range of games featured in the libraries of the best rated casinos in the UK.

Best International Game Technology (IGT) Online Casinos

IGT Casino Software: IGT Gaming History

IGT or International Game Technology were founded in the 1970s, which makes them a highly experienced online casinos software provider. They are typically known today for their IGT slots games and other traditional casino games, not forgetting to mention their great mobile casino and gambling software adaptions too. The slot games that they have amassed all together within their time, reaches a total of 1000 slot games!

IGT casino games are available to play across many facilities-mainly online casinos and landbased, meaning you can have access to all the latest fun, regardless of what kind of casino gamer you are. IGT games are adapted to ensure that no matter the platform, you can still have all the fun you would expect and want. With such great reputation and authority within the top casinos of the world, they influence the structure of gaming around the globe.

They really became a huge provider that was very influential when they began making live poker terminals. These terminals are what allowed them to go public in 1981. After becoming public, they continued to thrive and innovate the online casinos’ industry, producing systems that would help reward customers, and we still see these systems in place today. Also, they began to really target slots and different casino games to ones that were already out there from other developers and really changed the dynamic of gaming that once existed within the top casinos.

Big achievements for IGT gaming include their ability to merge into casino markets across the globe. Countries like Japan, South Africa, Canada etc. all today use IGT software to support their player’s gaming sessions. IGT has a very natural and systematic approach to their quality of games and the inspiration behind it. Therefore, the IGT UK casinos are not the only ones that have cooked up a storm in IGT gaming-it has gone international!

How Do We Pick The Best Casinos For IGT Gaming

Our CasinoSites team are responsible for pinpointing the best casinos that provide to you all things IGT gaming related. Meaning we will physically test as many online casino lists as possible and evaluate the list of casino games that are IGT related. Obviously, the more IGT slots and IGT table games there are-the better it is! From the choices we select, we also make sure that the IGT games include as many IGT free slots as possible and other free play IGT table games. This primarily makes sure that your gaming begins in a safe and fair manner-you will not be at an unfair advantage and have complete knowledge of games before you place any real money bets at all!

When considering an IGT casino, we will consider all the aspects and characteristics that contribute to great gaming. We present these ideas via our reviews in our casino tables, where our readers and future players can understand what each casino offers-very clearly. The best casinos will feature as many of these categories as possible and in the best light.

Safety is a very important aspect when it comes to playing online casinos. The best of IGT casinos will always take this aspect very seriously. Things that will get considered by IGT casino sites is the SSL encryptions and firewall protection-this is vital for players protection of sensitive information and general details that cannot be compromised by possible unwanted third parties. Another aspect that links perfectly with this is and that we also consider massively, is the actual reviews and reputation of these said casinos within the gambling community. We always check the surrounding authority and surrounding opinions of these casinos online, to make sure we collate an entire 360 view point of all the list of casinos.

Checking the quality of payment methods within IGT casino sites is also very imperative. There needs to be a large variety of the best in the market-of what players mostly use. Within our checks, we always lookout for the main substituents such as E-wallets (like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill), Prepay cards, Cryptocurrencies, Pay by Phone options and the most general of options such as Bank transfers. Providing an array of options means that players from as many backgrounds can join and deposit, to claim some of the best IGT casino bonuses around!

Finding the best bonuses is of course a very large part of what contributes to making our decision, as we know that when a player sees an enticing bonus, that could be the dominating factor to making a decision to sign up. However, selecting a casino with the right selection of games, is just as important! Finding casinos that provide a large selection of the best paying IGT slots and IGT gaming titles in general is what will equate to great gaming.

The most popular IGT slots game – Wheel Of Fortune.

One of their most popular creations for online casinos is, of course, the slots games title Wheel of Fortune slot machine. This is a progressive jackpot that is one of the most popular games that customers are logging into to play even to this day to win some real money.

In 2005, IGT started to target the online casino market and wanted to make their current marvellous creations, accessible to customers within the gambling industry, online. This also allowed them to start creating more and more games for their customers to access. They decided to expand their company first I order to help them to reach the heights that they have, so they bought WagerWorks. This allowed them to distribute their games easier and make them more accessible.

From this, IGT have been allowed to grow massively as a casino game distributor and also as a software provider for their own casinos. In 2014, IGT was in fact sold to a company called GTECH, they were bought for the price of $6.4 billion. The GTECH group decided to stick with the International Game Technology name and still operate under it now.

Best IGT Games You Can Play

IGT have a huge gaming library for customers to get their hands on. There is an excellent range of games for players to enjoy. They are very competitive with what they publish. You can play games of many different genres and themes, whether it be seasonal theme, TV, celebrity, etc, you can find it all in the library of IGT.

They have developed instant win games where you can win real money, online slot games, video poker games, and a range of different table games too. It would not be surprising if you have come across some of their game titles before, as they are some of the most popular in the gaming industry. Some of the more popular online slot games machines include Cleopatra, Da Vinci Diamonds. They also have some progressive jackpots for you to enjoy. These progressive jackpots include Mega Jackpots Cluedo, Mega Jackpots Cleopatra and more!

New IGT Casinos

Just like the games from IGT that get frequently released, you will see that International Game Technology feature in many new casino sites, that introduce all their new titles as a way of enticing new players to come and play. Within new IGT casinos, you will find the latest new slot releases, in addition to the most popular titles and newest table games.

Before you take the leap of faith in trying a new game within a new IGT casino, make sure to opt for trying out the free play demo variants that are available (particularly for slot games), to prepare you for the gaming that is to come. From the specially selected casino sites that we have listed for you, it is guaranteed that the perfect match will come along and be added to you gaming experience!

What IGT Mobile Casinos are there?

Any of the best IGT online casino, or casinos that feature games from IGT are always accessible via mobile. It is a necessity these days due to how big the mobile casino market is. It is becoming more and more customer’s prime method of playing casino games and even just placing bets in general.

Mobile devices make gaming and gambling more convenient and accessible, customers no longer have to find the nearest casino or computer, you could simply use a smartphone to play. This allows you to access the games anywhere, at any time. When you play on a mobile device, it is laid out exactly the same as if you were playing it on a desktop device, the game is adapted to fit your mobile screen.

We are able to play games on a mobile device thanks to HTML5 technology, this allows online gaming to be ran smoothly – especially these betting sites. Some of the casinos that you see in the list will come with an official mobile casino app that you can download to play the casino games on. These can be downloaded from the iOS app store and the Google Play Store.

Live Casino Sites by IGT

Live casino games have become a massive popularity in the casino industry. The reason why we think this is such a popularity is because for customers, this is a new way of feeling like you are getting the experience of being in a real brick and mortar casino in somewhere glitzy like Las Vegas, except from the comfort of your own environment, on your own device.

You can play live Las Vegas style gaming, with a real dealer, real people and also have a chat box to talk to other players and the dealer, which are things that you can do in a land casino, but couldn’t do online at one point. When we talk about live casino games, there are different games that you can play live, for example poker, roulette and blackjack are to name a few. There are different types of live games and also different variations.

If you look at the online casinos in the list, you will find that most of the casinos have a live casino section for you to take a look at, as well as this, you can actually claim bonuses that are specific to live casino games.

Best IGT Online Casino Games

As you may be aware of, online casino games consist of a large selection that branch out into many different types. International Game Technology have many options that broaden into online slots-both mobile slots and general casino slots. IGT allow their players to enjoy and play free play variants for each one of their every games, because they believe gambling casino games should always be trialed first before any real money investment is made! It works well too for new players as they can gauge how well they like playing the games in question and can shed light on the quality of gaming that is available to be played.

IGT Online Slot Games

We are sure that all can agree for the huge popularity online slots have within our everyday online casino routine. What we can tell you is that IGT equip their games with the industry’s most seamless graphics and fast forward forefront design. When you play their online sot games, it really is like you have ventured into the future with their forward design creativity and intuitiveness!

One exciting feature that IGT online slots share within their games, is the high payout rate. The RTP values from one game to another showcase above-average levels, with most games nearing 95% and above! This is exactly what players need to look out for, as statistically in the long term of playing selected games, you are giving yourself a better chance of winning back what you wager and more out of the games. Yes, the percentage is not an immediate application of instant wins, but it will act as an assurance of what can be if you play it long enough (RTP is measured over a period of time within a pool of players).

The Highest Paying IGT Slots To Play For Real Money

When trying IGT slots, players will always question and wonder about what the best paying slots are to try out and entertain themselves on. It only seems right that as a player, you will want to maximise your gameplay and opportunity by playing the games that give you the best chance statistically to do so.

IGT does provide players with a series of games that provide higher RTP values. Therefore we thought it best to provide the best paying IGT slots within a list, to give you a brief idea of what games to start off on, or build up to along your online casino journey with IGT casinos. Below are the top suggested casino games list for IGT slots!

IGT Mobile Slots

IGT recognised how imperative it was to increase their mobile slots gaming access throughout their online slots games portfolio. This is perfect for the current move within casino gaming, as now many people wish to adapt their gaming and make it as flexible as possible, to ensure that they can play on the move wherever they are. All the games that have been released prior to the great unveiling of mobile casino gaming, are now slowly being re-vamped and adjusted to ensure that they meet the technical specification at their highest level for today’s current momentum.

All you need to do, to get full access is connect to a strong internet connection and away you go!

The Most Popular IGT Slots UK

Now that you know a good in depth summary of IGT slot games and general casino games, we thought it best to provide to you a series of games that are very much loved and raved about within the gambling community of online casinos. These titles are some of the most played games in the world and as a result will most likely convert you into playing the game religiously too!

Cleopatra, Cleopatra II and Cleopatra Jackpot

This game when first on the market for release attracted much attention and slowly became the most played game ever within IGT history. It has been told that now the current traffic of new players that sign up and play nears to a total of 15,000 per day! Which is one of the largest incoming traffic an IGT slot game has ever received within the process. We are sure that you can understand why IGT casino sites are very much hyped about now right?

There has been release of other variants of the Cleopatra game, such as a jackpot version and a second version of the first release, which mixes up the symbol variants within the first game. So we would advise, if you loved the first variant of Cleopatra so much-definitely try out the second variant and jackpot too!

Pharaohs Fortune

This is a slot game that takes you back in time when ancient Egypt was very much alive. Obviously within this era, you will be well versed with the idea that luxury and treasure was very much in excess, therefore this always makes a great idea for game themes when playing slot games. Nothing works better than having gold and treasure to win when trying to win a jackpot-it seems very fitting!

Da Vinci Diamonds

This game is great for real-money gamers and players. The features within the game are quite advanced and different to other game variants. You can make winning combinations within your reels that give you a maximum payout in one go! Although this is very rare, it is definitely something to hope for when you play, thats for sure. By making winning combinations, watch the symbols from your reel disappear as you play.

New IGT Online Slot Games

It is very normal for a large software provider like IGT to always keep the game titles coming very frequently. Therefore it makes sense that within the best IGT casinos you will find that new games will constantly be updated and the sites will obviously make a fuss of the games available for your gaming experience. Be it a small bonus to push you into playing the new IGT slot games, such as free spins, or the additional option of small bonus cash funds, these are all clever ways in driving a player to play and enjoy the new slot game releases!

New titles to look out for include the Cleopatra Gold which is similar to the older variants of the game-yet with further additions of symbols that will most definitely spice up your reels as you play. The high value symbol additions include the Re-spins and the Gold Spins feature that is an additional form of a wild symbol.

Other titles you should try out, include Juicy Loot, Tic-Tac Temple, Fortune Coin and Derby Run. Do not forget to utilise the free play option for whichever IGT casino you sign up to and play with!

IGT Free Play Slot Machines

Free play is a great option to add to your online gambling routine. It gives you the option to try out the entire game features without any risk or further cost added to yourself. Meaning you can try out a strategy of applying your free spins perhaps or an amount of bonus cash funds that will get applied within the game and again it will only be a theoretical game try and nothing from your actual bonuses will be used up. This of course means that you cannot win any cash amounts by playing free play, yet it will give you a better idea of how the game play runs!

What About Table Games?

If we take a look at the different table games that are on offer, we can see that they have a list of table games and also variations of these games, so that there is a lot for customers to enjoy. There are titles such as baccarat, poker, roulette, blackjack and more.

What a lot of people may not have expected, is that IGT go above and beyond what we have seen from a lot of typical slot providers. They also target the bingo market and have produced bingo games for fanatics of the gambling type to enjoy. These solutions are very much appreciated in the industry, with bingo games that include: 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball, 50 ball and 30 ball bingo. Not only are you able to play the different types of games, but you can also interact with other players, like if you were in a bingo hall. Use the live chat feature, where you can chat to other players, respond to messages and congratulate each other.

IGT also have lottery games for their players to enjoy. The lottery games are of faster paced than the slot games, so if you find yourself getting impatient, then maybe consider this slot game.

International Game Technology Casinos FAQs