Best Betable Casino 2020

So you’ve heard all the hype about Betable casinos, and wanted to know how to get in on the action. Well fear not, we’ve got you covered here at Casino Sites! on this page you’re going to learn all about their history, what they offer, why to play with Betable and most importantly… A list of Betable Casinos.

Facts About Betable Online Casinos

Betable ltd was founded in 2008 – over 12 years ago – by a man named Christopher Griffin. Based in London, he started the casino with one aim in mind – creating a place for gamblers with better opportunities in betting. Having raised tonnes of money through venture capitalists, the casino has gone from strength to strength and managed to raise a whopping 18 milion dollars in 2013 to help expand, allowing them to create their own casinos – including the highly acclaimed Prospect Hall.

Currently providing an eco-system for real money games, they have a full system for running their own casinos and any online casino using them. This includes their patented Betable Engine, which uses cutting edge maths and analysis alongside ground breaking game management and ceritifcation management.

The Betable Engine

With the Betable Engine, they’ve also got their tools integrated to help operators reach and keep new customers, and an interesting thing caled the Betable wallet which we’ll get more into later!

So why would you want to play at a casino by this team? this question leads us perfectly into the next section…

Why Should You Play at A Betable Casino?

Betable Limited really push the boat out when it comes to their sites. Their main casinos that use them are Slots Rush and Prospect Hall. Some of the features you’ll find in their casinos are:

As you can see, thats a big list – I urge you to find out for your self how good these Betable online casinos like Slots Rush are to play on.

Betable Limited Wallet and Their Payment Gateway

An interesting thing about Betable limited is the fact they have their own payment gateway called the Betable Wallet which integrates with a long list of online casinos. Designed specifically for gambling, they realised players hate having to go through the process of keeping track of logins and passwords for every single online gambling site and gambling app. This can get messy and cumbersome.

The exclusive wallet gets rid of this and streamlines players experiences, by creating a universal method that combines the players identity, payment methods and loyalty to that online casino in one simple program.

It also integrates with different styles of gaming, allowing normal games to have real world betting in!

List of Betable Casinos For You To Play On

If all of this talk about how good these sites are has got you wanting to play on one of them, you can do so really easily – with some special bonuses like free bonus spins or a deposit match. Simply click on the links that you see on this page to take you to the gambling site of your choice and then simply follow the simply sign up instructions, make your first deposit (Don’t forget to claim a deposit bonus if you’re entitled to) and you’re all set! Happy gambling!

About our reviewing team and process

You can be sure that any online casino that our highly skilled team we recommend has been thoroughly and painstakingly reviewed by the team to make sure you’re only playing on a high quality online site or app.