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Casino software plays a bigger part in online casinos and the player’s experience than what you may think. That is why we are here to analyse the best online casino software of 2020. It often goes unnoticed as to just how competitive they are, and what excellent features they put into their games, in order to give customers, the most entertaining experience.

We have created the ultimate casino software guide, in order to help you see what it is that casino software offers, which companies provide the best casino software and which developer is best suited for the genre and style of casino games that you like. From this, you will be able to see which casinos offer the most games from that particular developer, so that you can register at their site and play those games.

Due to online gambling game developers being so competitive, it means that there is a range of excellent software developers to choose from. This basically means that as players, we are spoilt for choice, so you could choose any from a list of developers and still really enjoy yourself.

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Best Casino Software

There are a lot of different software providers in the casino industry, so many that you are not going to read through each one to find the best one, you are going to briefly take a look at some of them. To save the hassle of going through every single one, we have narrowed it down, to recommend our top 5.

In order to conclude which developers would make it into our top 5, our team of experts have done extensive research into each individual software, so that you don’t have to. There have been many factors that they have taken into consideration.

Top 5 Software Providers

Here is our top 5 for software providers. These are providers that are extremely popular in the industry and have some of the biggest libraries of games for you to try out, with casino games that target a range of genres and playing types. There are other gaming developers who are excellent and competitive, you should also consider them if you want to look for something different from the top 5 that we have listed.


You will find Microgaming at the top of most people’s list. They are by far one of the most prestige and are extremely recommended. Microgaming was founded back in 1994 and since then, have made themselves well known, publishing a huge array of casino games. You can also find some of their games

in land casinos.

There are many excellent features that Microgaming offer customers. These features help to improve your experience that little bit more and make casino playing so much more convenient. For example, the use of auto-play, allows players to spin the slot reels without having to press anything. This makes betting so much easier. They also have features including game statistics, exclusive casino game bonuses and high RTP games, jackpot games and more.


Another giant in the casino software industry is Playtech, they are a highly recommendable gaming software developer. Playtech is extremely unique in the features that they offer customers. One thing that they pride themselves on is their graphics, they offer high-quality graphics to customers on their games, which is one of the most important features when playing a game, the graphics can affect how long you want to play a casino game for, whether you want to play it in the first place and good graphics can encourage you to play with more purpose, increasing your winning chances.

Playtech also has a huge market for live dealer games. Live dealer casino games have really revolutionised online casinos and they are the closest feature that we have to have the experience of being in a land casino, except playing from the comfort of your own home.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment, or as you may recognise them, Netent, is also one of the biggest developers across the world and are another one that we strongly recommend. If you are a beginner especially, then Netent is the perfect developer to look for, they offer games for newcomers, to introduce them into the online slot world and offer them rewarding games that are going to make you want to come back and play again.

Netent has been around for a considerable amount of time, they have been established since 1996. They explain to their customers that they offer the “ultimate gaming experience”, and they would be wrong in saying that. Netent has some of the most rewarding jackpot games and games with big payouts, RTP and more.

Real-Time Gaming

Real-Time Gaming is a popular casino software developer, that you may commonly know as RTG. Real-Time Gaming has been around since 1998 and they emphasise the fact that their features include high-speed playability, ease of use and other features that can enhance a player’s gaming experience. RTG are always trying to bring out new casino games for customers to try out, these are built and made with new technologies and features that are discovered to offer a more unique gaming experience. RTG want to try and make a customer’s online gaming experience, as similar to a land casino experience as possible.


Betsoft is a developer that are seriously making some moves in the casino industry and gaining a lot of popularity. They have become one of the most popular slot providers in the world. The reason as to why they are so popular is because they have found a unique and innovative feature to target,

which would be the 3D like effects. This makes the games much more enjoyable to play, with it being like watching a 3D movie.

They have instant play software that customers can use, which allows you to play immediately on a desktop device or a mobile device. They also have downloadable software.

As you can see from the list, there are a considerable amount of casino provider companies in the industry, all with a lot to offer. So, how do you choose which one is the best and which one is going to offer you the best experience? Well, that leads us to our next point.

How to Compare the Game Providers

When you take a look at what casino gaming providers are the best and which ones you want to be playing games from, there are a few features that you can analyse. The factors that you should take into consideration include the likes of effects, speed, graphics, security, innovation, popularity and more.

We review each software that we recommend to you so that you don’t have to do the time-consuming research yourself and you are able to simply take a look at our rating and review and make a decision as to which software is best suited for you.

Finding the Right Software for You

In order to choose which software will offer you the best games, you need to decide what type of games you are looking for and what features you

would like in these games. If you are going to mostly be playing live dealer games, then you will want to choose a software developer like Playtech, who are

hugely competitive in this market. If you were looking for one of the best developers of slots, then Microgaming would be an excellent option as they have

a huge library filled with slot games of different genres.

Downloadable Software

You can either play at an instant-play online casino, or a downloadable one, which isn’t as popular nowadays. Downloadable casinos are installed onto

your computer. These are like installing a program onto your desktop. Once it has downloaded, you then launch it and log into your account. You are then able

to play all of the online casino games that the software has to offer. This is quite a traditional and old school way of playing, it certainly isn’t as popular

anymore. Instant play casinos are the new fashion in online casinos.

No download or installation is required when it comes to instant play. You can simply play the game from your browser hassle-free, all you have to

do is press the play now option. This stops you from waiting for a downloadable software to happen and then keeps that storage space free on your computer as well.

Mobile Casino Software

Mobile technology is becoming more and more popular in the casino industry, as players are becoming more comfortable with it and seeing its real convenience. All casino site software developers now ensure that any games they publish, are applicable on mobile devices because they know that a huge

proportion of players are going to be playing through a smartphone or tablet device.

HTML5 technology allows us to be able to play games from our smartphones and tablet devices, giving us the privilege to play anywhere at any time.

Safety & Security

Safety and security have always been a massive concern on the internet. All the time we are being informed to be safe online and to be careful on what we click on, whether something is legit or not. We can confidently tell you that all of the software providers, which we recommend to you, are extremely safe and secure. They are licensed software, which means they are put through regular testing, in order to ensure that they are staying true to who they claim to be and also not misleading in what they claim to offer.

Ready to Play!

Now you know all you need to about what casino software is out there and how it can affect the way in which you play a casino game, you are ready to play at a casino that offers you a range of games from the best casino software. There may not be one stand out software that you enjoy, there may be multiple. This is why online casinos offer a variety of different providers in their casinos so that customers can experience different types of games, features, bonuses and more.

As we mentioned earlier, some software is better at supplying certain types of casino games than others. For example, some are more competitive when it comes to providing slots, or poker, table games live games, bingo games and more. Take a look at the casinos that we recommend to you as well, as these sites will have the best range of developers on their site, so you can test them all out in one place!

Casino Software FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people have in regard to casino software.

What is gambling software?

The gambling casino software is the company that create the games you are playing. There are different developers that create different games. They have control as to what the game is about and what features are then included in that game.

Who makes the casino games?

The casino games are made by the software developers themselves, not the casino. This is why you can find the same casino games at a range of different online casinos. The developers make the games, run the games, create all the features and bonuses.

Can you hack casino games?

You cannot hack casino games; they are encrypted so that they cannot be hacked. The fact that real money is involved is already a big indicator that there is going to be a lot of security there to protect people and stop people from hacking the games and taking all the money they want.

Can software be downloaded?

The casino software can be downloaded. It is not as popular as it once used to be, however, it can still be done. The software will be downloaded to your computer and you can then sign in to your account, in order to access all of the casino games within the software file. This can give you

more immediate access to certain casino games if you are on a desktop device.

What is the safest software?

There is no gaming provider that is safer than another, they are all safe. They are all built with features and coding that stop hackers from being able to hack the games and also access your account details, therefore you do not need to worry about this.

Which is the best software?

The best software depends on your specific tastes and preferences. There is a lot of highly competitive software out there that is truly amazing and that you will enjoy. However, there is no specific one which is better than another. This is why you have to try them out for yourself to see which is better suited to you and your playing styles.