Casino Cashback Bonuses

Getting a casino cashback offer is an absolutely incredible way of covering any losses you have – a weight in the back of your mind can be lifted knowing a percentage of your loss you suffer will be covered. This could be seen as one of the best offers that a casino offer!

Why Do Casinos Offer Cashback On Losses?

The online casino industry is incredibly competitive. If you’re a new online casino, you’ve not only got to compete with all of the already established casinos (who have the upper hand on you since they’ve already got punters coming to them daily) but you’ve also got to be offering promotions that will make people choose your casino in the future, as more competition is going to be popping up around the corner.

Because of all this competition, online casino sites have to offer magnetic promotions that bring new players in and make old players return. Therefore you see so many different and wild offers available on online casinos – from free spins to being able to win a car or a holiday.

How Do Casino Cashback Offers Work?

Let’s make up a scenario. let’s say you’re at home one afternoon and you want to play some slots, and you’re going to wager £100 over your session.

You’re either going to win big and make a nice, tidy profit… or in the worst-case scenario blow it all and lose your whole deposit.

Now, if you’re covered on a casino cashback offer, a percentage your loss will be returned to you. So if you’re on a 10% cashback offer then you’d get £10 back off of the £100 you lost, helping to cover some of your losses. Good eh?

The cashback amount from a cashback casino varies pretty wildly – from 5% to the more common 10%. Sometimes you may find a casino site that offers to a whopping 20% cashback! Although these are very rare.

We think a nice cashback offer is one of the best ways (if not THE best) to play in an online casino site because it gives you the ability to cover any losses you may have had and keep on playing!

What’s more, this is usually available to both new players and returning players. Promotions like a welcome bonus or first deposit bonus are only available to new players signing up and so returning players don’t get a piece of the pie.

But with casino cashback they do! Some Cashback casinos actually push the cashback promo in their VIP programs, allowing punters and customers to regularly cover their losses because of their loyalty to that specific casino.

How is the cashback worked out?

This differs per casino, but here are two of the main ways that cashback is worked out:

One of the ways is instant cashback. This is exactly as the title suggests – whatever you lose, 10% of that amount is credited immediately straight back into your account – like getting real money back straight away.

So, say you wager £50 and lose it. 10% of that loss – £5 – is sent immediately back to your balance so you can place another bet!

The second method is what’s known as net position or net losses.   This one’s slightly more complicated.

Your net position for whatever period the offer is (usually the month) is calculated by your total wins vs your total losses for that period. If you’re in a loss, then the cashback is applied for that.

An example would be that for the cashback period, you had won £200 but lost £300 on that casinos games. So your overall position – or net position – is -£100 – you’d get 10% on that, which is £10.

Both are really great options – the first is quick and simple, whereas the second option helps you cover any losses you’ve had over the long term.

Advantages of a cashback offer

Casino cashback has plenty of advantages for both the brand-new player and the hardened0 punter. 

You get to cover some of your losses

With casino bonuses like this, A percentage of your losses are covered thanks to the cashback bonus. Who doesn’t want to stem their losses on a casinos games? This is probably the main reason people are attracted to these types of offer, the fact that the don’t lose as much.

No/low wagering requirements

Usually an online casino with this type of offer will have either no wagering requirement or a very low wagering requirement – essentially giving you real money back into your account. This is helpful for when you need to take the money from your casino balance and deposit it into your bank – If you would have had to wager 55% of what you would be your cashback amount, that would be a pain!

Not a welcome/first deposit bonus

Usually an online casino with this type of offer will have either no wagering requirement or a very low wagering requirement – essentially giving you real money back into your account. This is helpful for when you need to take the money from your casino balance and deposit it into your bank – If you would have had to wager 55% of what you would be your cashback amount, that would be a pain!

Promotion is running often

Casinos will usually run cashback bonuses quite often – sometimes you’ll be able to get cashback every week since a weekly promotion will be ran on a certain day i.e. 10% cashback on losses when you play slots on a Tuesday.

Disadvantages of a Cashback Offer

Whilst I’d love to say it’s all roses and sunshine and that a casino cashback offer is the single best thing since sliced bread…

Unfortunately, I cant.

Even though it is one of the best casino promotions you can get, there are some downsides to this offer, including:

Can be restricted

Cashback promos can have tight restrictions on them. Sometimes limited on what online casino games you can get cashback on or even what day of the week you can claim cashback. Casinos do this to cover some of the losses they’ll experience because they’re offering aforementioned cashback.

A low amount of cash back

A cashback casino promotion will usually have a low cashback amount. The range of percent given back is a huge margin, with some casinos giving an unimpressive 0.5% to a massive 25% – although these are incredibly rare and for that amount of cashback there will be a lot of stipulations to follow. 

Can be limited to VIP members

Some casinos will save the cashback offer only for their highest rolling and best customers. This is a tactic to keep them playing with that casino and not wander off to a newer, shinier casino that has a new player welcome bonus.

These VIP cashback bonuses usually come with a big cashback percentage – 15-20% is not uncommon – and them stem across all your losses.

How Do I Claim the Best Cashback Casino Offers and Earn Cashback with Every Loss?

So now you’re all clued up on the actual cashback bonus, you’re probably wondering how to actually claim it. As with any promotion, claiming casino cashback offers is super easy and barely an inconvenience.

You’re going to want to find a casino that has this promotion – a cashback casino as we like to call it. We have an extensive list of trusted casinos on this site, so have a look on here as we’ve got each one reviewed and vetted by hand.

Make sure that the casino has everything your looking for besides the cashback bonus – Are you after a casino with the most up to date games, video slots and video poker?

Or are you not bothered as long as it has the classics – like Starburst or Gonzos quest.

Another thing to look out for is making sure the casino uses a payment options that you’re used to, and it accepts your e-wallet or bank or pay by phone – which ever one you use. (Definitely check that the casino has got solid support i.e. live chat and email support as well)

Once you’ve found a casino to your liking that has the cashback promotion, go through the signing up process and make sure you read the terms and conditions through properly as sometimes the casino cashback promotions can be limited to certain days, games or amounts. (as we talked about before.)

Finally, as long as you stick to the rules and follow the t&c’s, you can earn cashback from the casino every single time you lose whenever that cashback period is activated!