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Here we will be covering all the of best Blackjack casino sites for 2020. So if you’re a fan of Blackjack check out our favourite sites below:

Top Blackjack Casinos

History of Blackjack

Blackjack is a brilliant online casino game which has gained immense recognition and it is now one of the most popular casino games in the whole world. This game is infact quite basic but it is very fun to play on which is one of the reasons why it has exceled so much.

The original name for Blackjack was actually ving-et-un which translates to the number 21. Even though America is where the game originally started to get big, France is where it was actually first established with people playing with 1 deck of cards in the popular French Casinos which were a gamblers hotspot back in the day!

With this game becoming a fans favourite that has millions of pounds wagered on it on a daily basis it is only right for blackjack players to expect a lot from their chosen games and because of this you can expect so much too! From large payouts, tons of fun, unique themes and much more! For me personally, the amount of brilliant payouts that are available on blackjack games is phenomenal and I think that it is by far one of the best things about playing on them.

When the game of blackjack hit the United States, things changed drastically and the game became a fans favourite with millions of gamers playing on a daily basis. Now in 2019, blackjack is a familiar face within the industry of gaming and in this guide you will find out all the interesting stuff there is to know about this excellent game so sit back, enjoy and continue to read on.

What is Online Blackjack?

Nowadays the online gaming world is booming and due to the fact that Blackjack has been huge for many years, it is only right for the 2 to combine in order to create online blackjack!

Online Blackjack is exactly what it says in the name, the wonderful game of blackjack that can be played online. The amount of casinos that offer blackjack these days is terrific, there are hundreds upon hundreds of them are you can definitely expect to find some world-class blackjack games when surfing the web.

When playing blackjack games in 2020 there is so much that you can expect in order for your gaming experience to be truly unforgettable. Some of the best features include high quality images, relevant sounds, awesome navigation and more importantly big payouts!

One of the main reasons why blackjack games have done exceptionally well over the past several years is because of the convenience. Blackjack allows players to have the classic blackjack experience without having to get ready, go out and head to the local casino. The comfort of playing from wherever you may be in the world from the ease of your mobile device, laptop or tablet is second to none and nothing can really compare!

The top casino sites that offer blackjack tend to offer a mobile app too which is usually free to download and even if there isn’t a mobile phone app, players will always be able to play via the web browser.

Game Rules

Blackjack is actually quite a simple game to play however there is a misinterpretation that it is hard to understand/play but I can assure you that this is certainly not the case in the slightest. We know it can be daunting when playing on a new game that you are not used to, especially when the majority of people say it is complicated and because of this we have decided to offer a helping hand by explaining the rules of the Blackjack to you in this part of the guide.

So to get started you will need to first select the blackjack game of your choice, set the amount you want to bet and then wait for your 2 cards which are known as hole cards. Hole cards are the cards that the player plays against the dealer. Players can either ‘hit’ in order to improve their card to reach the number 21 or ‘stand’ to stay as they are.

The aim of the game is to get as close to the number 21 as possible and after each betting round the dealer will play their hands. When the game is finished and the cards have been used, the online system will determine whether the player has won or not and relevant winnings will be awarded to the player via their betting account.

Popular Blackjack Site Games

Blackjack is a fun game to play on for various reasons and I’m sure you will be glad to know that there are plenty of different types of blackjack games for players to play on, meaning you won’t get bored of playing the same game over and over again.

These fantastic games are renowned for providing players with hours of fun whilst also providing potential large payouts too! When checking out the best sites you will surely come across the top blackjack games that are available these days and we have listed a few of them down below to give you a brief insight.

• Pontoon: This is a unique game and the name refers to the extra winning hand which is allowed in the game. If players hit a five-card hand which doesn’t have a points value that is more than the maximum account they will beat the dealer.
Progressive Blackjack: Progressive blackjack is exactly the same as the standard game but the only difference is that players have a bonus option to pay into the progressive bet which allows them to play for the progressive jackpot.
• Blackjack Surrender: This awesome game is played against the dealer however the player can choose to swap the cards if they would like a different hand instead. In addition to this there is also a seven-card Charlie too! The seven-card hand will automatically win the dealer’s hand if the player doesn’t end up bust.
• 21 Duel Blackjack: This is a six-deck game which follows a standard format that only the dealer has to qualify in order to play. The play table offers players the chance to play 3 hands at a time and the payouts typically tend to be quite large.

Game Buttons

Knowing the important buttons when playing on a blackjack game is important and because we love being helpful we have listed the essential buttons which you need to know for when you start playing online blackjack down below. These terms could help you majorly and especially if you don’t know what they mean as it will save you looking them up/feeling confused so be sure to take a read.

• Clear Bets: Clearing a bet will remove all of the bets that have been placed before the cards get dealt.
• Undo: To undo means to clear the last bet that has been placed on the table.
• Hit: Request to get another card in order to attempt improving your hand.
Deal: To deal cards to the dealer and the player.
Double: This will allow you to double your bet, in addition to this you shall receive an extra card in order to determine the overall outcome of your hand.
Stand: The player will stand when they do not wish to add any more cards to their hand.
Split: When players have a pair they have the opportunity to split it into 2 separate hands. The number of splits that is allowed shall be shown in each set of rules.
• Insurance: This is an optional bet when the dealer ends up showing an ace. It will cost half of your initial bet but it will protect you if the dealer gets a blackjack. In this case you will be covered but if not then your insurance bet will be lost.


When you play blackjack online you will get an even money payout for any hand that is a winning hand which is not blackjack. This cool payout will then increase to a 2:1 for a winning insurance bet and then it will be a 3:2 for a two card winning hand which adds up to the maximum points value.

As with all online casino games, the fact remains that the house edge makes it harder for a winning combo but there are some blackjack strategies that drastically reduce the house edge and making it easier for players to win some good money. This then means that the overall odds of hitting blackjack are significantly lower however it will pay much higher than any other winning hand.

What should I consider when choosing a Blackjack Site?

There is no denying the fact that blackjack is an excellent online casino game and with millions of daily punters who choose to spend their time on blackjack games, developers work very hard to make sure that their games have got all of the relevant features that are needed to give their players a top experience when playing on them.

We always want our valued readers to have a great time when playing on blackjack casino sites and because of this we promise to always advertise the very best sites here on which are available for you to take a look. There are dozens of different things that you should consider when signing up to a blackjack site and in this part of the guide I will be going through some of the most important ones so be sure to check them out.

The first thing we recommend you to consider when choosing an online blackjack site to play on is the bonuses that are available for you to take advantage of. Nowadays, there are dozens upon dozens of epic bonuses and promotions on Blackjack sites and they are well-known for being quite handy when it comes to winning big sums of money. Bonuses on blackjack casino sites really do vary and you can expect to come across some great ones, some of which include multipliers and welcome bonuses which are available to new players.

Another thing you should do when signing up to new sites is check out the reviews that have been left by previous players. Reading reviews is a great way of getting an insight into what you can expect for when you begin to play. Blackjack reviews are pretty much everywhere these days and because of this it is not hard to find them at all! The reviews on blackjack sites are usually left by previous players who have already played on the site and would like to help future players out by leaving their thoughts on the experience they encountered. You can expect to find information about the available bonuses, how the site is laid out, whether the games are fun to play and most importantly…if you should play on it or not!

We also suggest our readers to go for sites that are legitimate and licensed. It is certainly fine to say that playing on a licensed site is essential and there are many different reasons for this. When playing on a blackjack site that has got official licensing you can play at ease whilst knowing you are in safe hands if anything goes wrong. In addition to this, you will have somewhere to turn to if you have any questions which is obviously a top advantage. All of the sites that you see on are all legitimate and they are licensed too so be sure to take a look at them. There are several top companies who are well-known in the gaming industry for licensing and these include the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority and the Alderney Gambling Commission.

It is also very important to do your research on site offering blackjack before jumping straight into the deep end and picking any random site to play on! One of the best things to do that will help you later on is deciding what type of features you are looking for and what you would like from your selected site. This will help very much as you will get a clear understanding of what it is that you are looking for and with this in mind you are more likely to find the best online blackjack site that has everything that you require.

Payment Methods

With online blackjack on the rise right now, it probably won’t come as a surprise to you to find out that so many different payment methods are being used by various types of punters all over the world. With dozens of different payment methods frequently being used by gaming punters at the moment, blackjack casinos have worked hard to make sure that they accept as many as they can in order to allow as many punters to withdraw/deposit when on their site.

The most popular payment methods in the world of online Blackjack in 2020 include Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and Debit. In addition to this, many E-wallets are on the rise too and a growing number of players are choosing to use them for deposits and withdrawals due to the safety/ease that they offer. Popular E-wallets that you can expect to find when playing on your favourite blackjack sites include PayPal, Zimpler, Skrill, Neteller, PaybyPhone and Boku.

Top Online Blackjack Software Providers

So many different things are essential when it comes to playing Blackjack online but one thing we always recommend our readers to do is play on a Blackjack site that has been developed by a good and reliable software provider. When playing on a site that has been developed by a good provider there is so much you can expect and your overall gaming experience will feel awesome which is obviously such a great thing!

These days the top software providers who work on casino games are known for developing blackjack sites very well and it is clear to see if a site has been developed to a good standard. From the clear graphics, ease of navigation, top features and so much more! You certainly won’t regret spending that little bit more time in order to search for the perfect site that can enhance the way you play online blackjack in multiple ways.

Due to the fact that we want our readers to play on the very best blackjack sites in order to have an excellent time, we have decided to dedicate this part of the guide to giving you some helpful information on the top software providers in 2020 that you should be looking out for. All of this information can be found down below so be sure to have a browse as it will certainly be a benefit.

Microgaming – The first online blackjack software provider who we think are legends in the industry are Microgaming. Microgaming are a top company who have consistently proved to be experts in what they do over the years and with this being said, you can definitely expect to have a great time when playing on a Microgaming developed online Blackjack site. Microgaming are a well-known software development company who have been around since 1994 and they specialize in casino games such as blackjack and slots. The CEO of Microgaming is John Coleman and he has held this position since June 2018. As of 2020, the Microgaming Casino has over 700 slot games and they have an estimated annual revenue of $8 million.

NetEntNetEnt are a world-renowned gaming development company who have been operating for more than 21 years having been established in 1996! The company are known for developing some of the best games to ever grace the industry and they have really taken the industry by storm over the past couple of decades with millions and millions of loyal NetEnt players choosing to spend their time & money on their Blackjack games on a daily basis. Over the years these gaming development giants have made a huge name for themselves and they have offices all around the world in locations such as France and the United Kingdom whilst the headquarters is in Sweden.

Evolution Gaming – Evolution Gaming are a leading software provider who have been operating since 2006. Since their establishment in 2006, evolution gaming have gone on to become one of the leading software providers in the world, working on hundreds of online casinos over the past 13 years.
Now in 2020, Evolution gaming are clearly regarded as true pioneers in the online casino industry, so much so that in 2017 it was announced that the company had a profit margin of over £60.8 million. The main type of games that evolution gaming tend to focus on is live games and these games have infact proved to be very popular in recent years. The most popular live games on Evolution gaming casinos include baccarat, blackjack and roulette. Whilst playing on these terrific games, players have the option to change the language of the entire game, the languages that are available include English, Italian, German and Swedish.

Real Time Gaming – Real Time Gaming, commonly known as RTG are an excellent company who have been operating since 1998. RTG mainly specialize in developing online casino sites and after many successful years in the industry, they are now regarded as true juggernauts. There are currently several RTG offices, some of which are located in both the United States and the United Kingdom. With over 200 online casino games being developed by the company and some award winning sites, we definitely recommend you to try your luck on RTG developed sites/games as there is so much that you can expect and to add to this you can feel at ease as the company always ensure that they use official licensing from legitimate companies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Dragonfish – Dragonfish are one of the biggest online software providers in the world and it is fair to say that they are very well-experienced having had more than a decade in the industry since their establishment back in 2007. The company originally started off a platform for bingo games and after encountering immense success they decided to get cracking on the online casino market as well!
Due to their awesome work, Dragonfish as a company have managed to excel massively and their sites offering blackjack are known for being well-developed to a top standard. In addition to this, Dragonfish always ensure to work their hardest to provide all of the relevant features which means you can expect so much when playing on a Blackjack site developed by Dragonfish. All in all, we rate Dragonfish very highly and it is clear to see why, so because of this we definitely recommend you to take a look at their sites and have a Blackjack experience of a lifetime!

Nektan – Nektan are a great company who are specialists in developing/distributing online casino games and sites. Nektan are currently one of the fastest growing businesses in the entire gaming industry at the moment and they are renowned all over the world for the development of top slots and blackjack games which have gone on to do extremely well in recent years. One of the main reasons why Nektan are adored by millions of people as a company is because they invest massively in the implementation and development of unique and top casinos games/sites which aim to provide players with a thrilling experience.
Nektan developed blackjack games and sites are pretty much everywhere and finding them is not that hard at all. When playing on Nektan sites you can expect to have lots of fun whilst also potentially winning big money on a site that have been developed by a well-established and reliable software development company.

Online Blackjack Bonuses & Jackpots

For many players, the best thing about signing up to a new site is the great feeling of taking advantage of all those awesome bonuses and jackpots that are offered to you when signing up as a new customer. These days, developers of best online blackjack sites know just how much punters love bonuses and because of this they tend to work hard to make sure that their sites offer a good range of them in order to keep punters pleased.

There are dozens of different types of jackpots and bonuses that you can expect to come across when playing on the best blackjack sites and these top incentives are well-known for enhancing the overall online blackjack experience for the punters in many different ways. One of the main reasons why bonuses/jackpots on these sites are very popular is because they can help players win large amounts of money.

One of the best types of incentives you can get when playing at a blackjack casino is multipliers. Multipliers are truly awesome and as the name suggests, when getting a multiplier you can multiply your winnings! From doubling or tripling, lots of money can be won via multipliers and because of this we definitely recommend you to look out for them!

Another great bonus that you should be aware of is the no deposit bonus for new players. This is an excellent bonus which is often available to new players and it is there to give players the chance of trying the game out to see if they like it before actually depositing their own money. With a no deposit bonus you will get the full use of a bonus without having to deposit any initial funds of your own. This is a top bonus as you get to try out the site for free and possibly win additional money too.

Deposit bonuses have been around for a very long time and they are still regarded as a top type of bonus in the world of online blackjack. Pretty much every online casino offers this type of bonus and we suggest you take a look at it as they are well-known for being pretty helpful. With a deposit bonus, players are rewarded with a bonus once they have deposited a certain amount of money. The actual bonus can vary and will be different for each casino but one thing that can be said for certain is that they are certainly beneficial!

Blackjack Online FAQ

We know that millions of people have new questions every single day when it comes to the topic of online blackjack and this is totally normal because blackjack is played all over the world by millions on a frequent basis so questions being asked is certainly expected.

Due to the fact that we get tons of interested punters asking us questions in regards to online blackjack, we have formed an informative list below of the most common questions we tend to get along with their answers so be sure to take a look.