Best Bitcoin Casinos 2020

You may have heard all about the rise in cryptocurrency being used online casinos – especially the meteoric rise over the last few years – has spawned whats being known as ‘crypto casinos’. There are now over 2,957 different currencies to be traded and the biggest of these is the mighty Bitcoin – the first to be created and the one with the highest market share. So on this page we’ll be talking all about the best Bitcoin casinos (crypto casinos) out there for the UK punter and the range of casino games and features they have to offer.

Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites List

We will be delving hard and deep into this, so prepare to learn all about the Bitcoin, the advantages and disadvantages for using it in online casinos, how to actually get hold of Bitcoin and most importantly… The newest and best casinos for you to play on with the best welcome bonus!

What is a Bitcoin?

A Bitcoin is what is known as a crypto currency. These came to major public attention around 10 years ago and became notorious as a digital currency that was not subject to standard currency laws like real money is, being a decentralised currency. This allowed the people who used it and invested in it to have extreme levels of privacy and this carries over to the online casino industry.

In the last 10 years it is garnered so much popularity that it has spawned tonnes of copycat currencies and started its own payment method. There are even thoughts in the future that it could be accepted in the mainstream as a payment method, just like your debit card!

Bitcoin casino sites can also be called BTC casinos are gaining in popularity every week, as punters want more privacy when they’re gambling among the whole slew of other bonuses such as the low transaction costs and fast speed, the lack of middle men in the process and the fact winnings can actually increase in value thanks to Bitcoins volatility.

How Does a Bitcoin Casino Work?

Quite a lot of casinos out there actually have the normal style of casino platform just with Bitcoin as a payment option, and so the casino works the same as any other casino out there. This is handy, and you can get your money sent directly to your special Bitcoin address because it’ll be tied to your casino account.

Some casinos that you go on will be able to withdraw your Bitcoin winnings and balance straight away. This is great for speedy transactions. Other casinos may need these Bitcoin transactions verified and authorised by the casino, which can hold things up.

Almost every one of these Bitcoin casinos will use a third party to actually process the withdrawals and deposits of Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency that may be used – with the most popular of these being BitPay, GoCoin and Cubits to name a few.

One thing to note about these services is that some of them charge a fee which could be a fixed amount or a percentage of the amount withdrawn/deposited.

This is all dependent on whether that particular casino is actually handling it’s Bitcoin transactions itself or if it’s getting a third party to handle it. If it’s handling things itself, you can simply withdraw the bitcoin from the address you deposited it to – Keep in mind this will probably require authorisation from the casino itself.

If that casino is using one of the third party processors like we talked about before, then things change up as the process is different for different processors. On some you may be required to transfer your winnings into the payment processor account and then move it to your own Bitcoin address.

How to Set Up Your Bitcoin Account

One of the biggest blocks for people getting started is the thought that you need a special account or a special registration process. There’re only a few different things you need – an online casino that accepts Bitcoin, a Bitcoin wallet and a place to trade Bitcoins – then you’re ready top start Bitcoin gambling.

  1. You need to make sure that your wallet for the Bitcoin that you’re going to use in the online casino is set up, verified and ready to go – Thankfully, there is a few respectable and legitimate Bitcoin wallets out there now. If you are only going to be buying and betting a small amount of Bitcoin, then you should be alright just using whatever account that comes with wherever you are buying the Bitcoin from. If you know you are going to be buying quite a large sum of Bitcoin, then you should download a special, encrypted wallet to ensures your safety.
  2. The next step in the process is to get your wallet funded. You can do this either through your bank account or get someone you know to transfer some Bitcoin into your wallet. This will result in a special key being generated – this happens with every Bitcoin transaction.
  3. Now, when you are choosing to deposit into the online casino, you choose the Bitcoin option and a special string will be created. You copy and paste it, and then decide how many Bitcoin or Bitcoins to transfer. This transfer to your casino playing account will be instant, and the money will be ready to play with.
  4.  One thing to note is that if you are depositing a bigger amount, then this can take some time as it will need to be processed through the Blockchain.


How Safe is a BTC Casino?

When it comes to secure methods of depositing into online casinos, Bitcoin gambling has its own measure of security which helps it be one of the safest deposit methods on the planet. All your Bitcoins are stored in a safe wallet, and you can get your own wallet – known as a cold wallet – this is an actual hardware storage device that is kept by the owner. The little unit has its own built in encryption, functions as back up can even have a multiple signature system where 2-3 people must confirm that a transaction went through!

Bitcoin systems work in the following way: You have a private key and key that is public. The key that is private is a number that you keep secret, and this number gives you the power to spend or save any Bitcoins in your wallet. The public key however is your Bitcoin address, and this changes whenever you make a transaction that involves Bitcoin.

This is amazing in terms of safety when online gambling you think about it and is a layer of protection you can’t find in other banking methods – Every single time you make a deposit and a withdrawal from or to a Bitcoin casino, a totally unique and strongly encrypted digital address will be generated. Every single transaction that you make will have its own code. These two systems work in synergy to make a two-way system of authentication.

Another facet of Bitcoin casino is that there is no middleman. With E-wallets and Paybyphone options, there is another company involved in the transaction, and this can slow down getting money into and out of your casino account as well as being a point in the chain where hackers could get involved. Bitcoin on the other hand does not have any third parties, so there is one less point in the whole process that things can go wrong.

What Personal Information Do I Need to Provide to Use Bitcoin?

If it is anonymity you’re after when online gambling, then Bitcoin is the creme de la creme of deposit methods. Any cryptocurrency that you want to use has built in anonymity, and so saves you from having to share any personal information. So, when you want to deposit into the casino using Bitcoin, you won’t have to enter any personal details at all. This is great for people who want to keep their anonymity and don’t want to have to enter their personal information into the online casino. You will have to enter your banking information on the Bitcoin website though in order to purchase the coins.

When it comes to funding your gambling exploits through Bitcoin, you’ll only need your wallet address, but make sure you remember that when you sign up the casino will take all of your personal information. 

Is It Legal In The UK?

The main concern with the legality of Bitcoin gambling isn’t the payment method itself. Bitcoin is totally legal in the UK. The problem is making sure that casino that you’re using is all up to standard and verified by the relevant gambling authorities and commissions.

As always, make sure any of the Bitcoin casinos that you look at or use are verified by the UKGC or the United Kingdom Gaming Commission and other relevant governing bodies. This ensures you’re playing on a legitimate casino and not one that’s going to run away with any Bitcoin you’ve deposited!

Advantages of Using a Bitcoin Casino

Using Bitcoin at online casinos is racked with benefits for the average punter like you and me, and these are what really drives people to end up Bitcoin gambling.

It is Decentralised

This is probably one of the main draws for many people who use Bitcoin casinos. In some countries, banks won’t actually fund any form or gambling and so players can’t make transactions to the casinos they want to play on. This makes Bitcoin a great option for players affected by this.

Being decentralised also means that this currency is not under the control of any one country or government. This is great for transparency and the face that there’s no external control over the entire system of Bitcoin. This means there is absolutely no taxation involved.

High levels of privacy

This advantage follows in from the last – the fact that there’s no middleman increase privacy for the punter and helps them feel more secure. If someone doesn’t want gambling related deposits and withdrawals appearing on their bank statements due to the fact they could impact – say a mortgage decision in the future – the privacy with playing with Bitcoin would be high on the list for this punter.

The Provably fair concept

This whole provably fair process works in a special way:

This provably fair mechanic is a huge plus for punters who use Bitcoin casinos – You get total transparency when it comes to the fairness of your bet and the impartiality of a bet, and you can see it all in real-time, whilst you’re still in the bet. This whole process is tied with the RNG or Random Number Generator mechanics of a casino, so you can’t get Live casino games with the same verification. But who knows what the future holds, expecially with such ground breaking and interesting tech such as provably fair!

It’s flexible and versatile

The fact that Bitcoin is private and decentralised has helped tonnes of people in the world of online casinos. People who don’t like to use the more conventional methods of payment for casinos are given a whole new avenue for playing. In the 10 years or so of Bitcoin being a payment option, the ease of actually using and owning a Bitcoin has significantly improved.

It’s flexible for the casino – when trying to get something such as PayPal as a payment method, a casino will have to jump through a lot of hoops and go through numerous amounts of checks to be able to use PayPal. Not the case with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin also has no borders – it can be transferred incredibly easily to anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. The concept of it has helped get rid of bank accounts and banking cards all together. It’s not wonder there’s talks of making it more mainstream.

Good security built in

This is one of the areas in which Bitcoin casinos have the upper hand when online gambling. With things like using PayByphone and mobile phone payment methods, these can only be used to deposit money into the casino and are pretty redundant when it comes to getting your money out of the casino. Not the case with Bitcoin – you can get your winnings out of most Bitcoin casinos in Bitcoin!

Like we mentioned before, Bitcoin has special encryption and what’re known as cold wallets, which are unique tiers of protection that other methods you could use for banking just can’t offer. Every time you use the Bitcoin casino – both for depositing and withdrawing – a totally unique and extremely well encrypted special digital address will be used. This makes sure that every transaction you do is all coded for security and you’ll never have to disclose and financial or personal information.

On the whole, playing at Bitcoin casinos is one of the safest methods to gamble online.

Disadvantages of Using A Bitcoin Casino

With all of those benefits, there’s bound to be a few downsides. Here is what we consider are the few disadvantages when using a Bitcoin casino.

License jurisdiction

The casinos that accept Bitcoin do not actually need to have a license that has been issued from a certain commission or jurisdiction. The licensing of a casino can take a long time and a whole tonne of application processes – so by avoiding all of this a Casino can save a big sum of money.

Can be volatile

This is probably one of the biggest downsides to using a Bitcoin casino. Bit coin is incredibly volatile and the actual value one is worth can fluctuate every day. This can work but for you as the punter and against you – if the value of a Bitcoin goes up, you get more bang for your buck… whereas if it moves down with the exchange price, then you’re actually losing out on money!

Bitcoin is used not just as a currency but also as an investment, and like all investments, it can make money or lose it. World events have a big sway on the value of things like Bitcoin and so it’s worth keeping an eye on its worth, especially in these times.

Not all casinos accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is still growing in terms of being used as mainstream currency and still has some stigmas attached to it. In it’s early days it was heavily used for illegal activities and because of this it has a stigma that it’s still trying to shake off. Even though it’s been heavily cleaned up now, some casinos don’t want to have to deal with this and so refuse to use Bitcoin as a payment option.

Another reason casinos may not want to use Bitcoin is because of what we stated before with the fact Bitcoin is volatile and can actually lose it’s value. A casino holding Bitcoin faces this risk – the same as any player – and so may choose not to use it

What Games can you Play With Bitcoin?

Now that you’re clued up about Bitcoin casinos, you’re probably wondering what games you can actually play at these casinos and use your welcome bonus on. Well, you get a wide and variable range, as you would with a casino using any other payment method!

Bitcoin Slots and Slot Games

Great if you just want a few quick games, new players just elarning the ropes or you are pressed for time, slots are probably the most popular games in land based casinos and this applies just as much to the online equivalents and of course there’s 1,000’s for you to choose from. Some of the top slot software companies such as NetEnt, Betsoft and Endophina are available for you to play at the top Bitcoin casinos. So whether you’re a player who goes after amazing gameplay… great bonuses… wacky multipliers and bonus rounds or just an absolute stack of free spins, Bitcoin casinos will have you covered for these.

Bitcoin Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most intense games for online gamblers, and it’s no different when playing with bitcoin as your payment method. A wide range of styles – including the famous Texas hold’em – can be found on many of the websites we’ve listed above that have Bitcoin deposits.

Bitcoin Live Casino

Bitcoin can of course be used to play a wide range of live casino games. When it comes to top level games, live dealer games gives you the real casino experience with games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. These live dealer games really create an almost Vegas like experience no matter where or how you’re playing. The number of Bitcoin casinos offering live casino features is growing steadily.

Other Bitcoin Casino Games

Bitcoin casinos have all the classic games you’d expect as with any other casino and their casino games, with a few extras. These casinos sometimes have their own special casino games and game type, including:

Dice Games – the first Bitcoin dice casino games were actually made all the way back in 2012 and has just grown in popularity and features. Commonly found with the above provable fairness feature and an exciting auto roll feature. The concept of the game is common with different casinos putting their own spin and theme on the game.

Crash Games – These are totally unique form of casino games, which were first implemented by a casino called Bustabit back in 2015. The unique game has since gone from strength to strength and since then has been popping up all over the Bitcoin casino circuit. The whole premise of the game was actually inspired by how volatile Bitcoin itself is – the player places a wager, and then a multiplier increases over time (usually on a chart). The volatile part is that this multiplier can crash back to 0 at any time! Often with a community feature so tou can see and talk to other players at the same time, the popularity of Crash has never been higher!

How to Find The Best Bitcoin Casinos

So you’ve got your Bitcoin ready to go… You just need to find a new casino to play on. A couple of the things you may want to keep in mind whilst you’re looking for the best Bitcoin casino to play on are:

Correct Licensing and Security

This should be number one on your list – Since it’s the most important thing to think about when using a new casino online. Your personal and financial information is incredibly important and unfortunately there are some ‘rogue’ casinos out there who want to take you money and vanish with it.

The best way to counter this is to make sure the casino you’re using is legit and secure. You can do this with a few quick checks – make sure that the casino is licensed with the relevant governing commissions and boards. For a UK player, this would be the UKGC or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This covers you in the fact that you’ll know the Bitcoin casino you’re on has passed the rigorous checks the UKGC has in place to stop fraudulent casinos.

The next thing to look for is a valid SSL security certificate on the site. This is shown by the padlock next to the URL in the search bar at the top, and make sure that all of your data is encrypted when you enter it on the site. This is a must – if the site doesn’t have this then make sure you avoid it!

Theme and Layout of the Site

Now you want to make sure you enjoy the theme of the website and the navigation. have a click around on the site, making sure you can find things like support, promotions and your account page quickly and easily. This is something that can be easily overlooked when you see a really enticing bonus – it’s all good getting hundreds of free spins, but there’s no point in joining up for any amount of free spins if you’re never going to play on the casino!

A small thing on this is to make sure you like the actual theme of the casino – if you don’t like the feel and background art that appears whilst you’re playing, you won’t be betting on it much.

The range of bonuses

This is probably the main thing people look for when choosing a casino – a nice welcome bonus – when the casino offers should be further down on the list. Casinos make extremely attractive welcome bonus and deposit bonuses to attract new players and Bitcoin casinos are no exception! With everything from Deposit match bonuses (ranging from 50% all the way up to a whopping 300% match bonus. You could be playing with 4x whatever amount you deposit.) to hundreds of free spins and even no deposit bonuses, these online casinos have it all.

When looking at the casino bonuses and casino offers, make sure that you thoroughly read through the terms and conditions (t&cs) as these will have the full terms of the welcome bonus. You may find that the bonus becomes not as appealing as what you thought when you factor in a high wagering requirement.

Good selection of games

This is another important thing to be looking at in regard to your experience – how wide and varied the selection of games is – you want table games aswell as slots. With Bitcoin casinos, you tend to find they have the same variety and depth of game as any other online casino. You’ll find a great selection of slot games, live casino classics, table games, video poker, scratch cards and even some exclusive Bitcoin specials like we mentioned above – dice and crash.

You need to think at what game or games you enjoy playing the most and factor this into choosing. If you absolutely love the speed and raw unpredictability of slots, then you’ll want a casino wide a huge range of dynamic slots that have different features and bonuses. Or maybe you prefer the strategy and thrill of live casino games and table games, where its a tense battle with the dealer, and so you’ll be after a Bitcoin casino with a huge range of live casino games.

No matter what your game of choice is, make sure you factor that into your casino choosing process!

Other Casinos Accepting Bitcoin

There’s a great selection of casinos we’ve covered up above, so take a look at those and see which one you like the look of and then follow our guide at joining up. But if you’re after a few more to look at, here’s a few quick reviews:


This is one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos out there – they have the provably fair concept that we mentioned before on some of the games and is regulated and licensed by the Curacao government. It’s got an absolutely staggering 2000+ games including some of the all time classics, video poker and table games as well as sports betting.

They accept a wide and comprehensive range of payment types – including different crypto currencies such as Dogecoin and Ethereum for easy deposits and withdrawals. Another great thing about Bitstarz is the customer service. If there’s an issue, they can be reached easily by email, live chat and their social meida. They even answer queries on the popular forum Reddit!

Fortune Jack

Next on the list is a casino called Forune Jack. Founded in 2014, this is casino is very similar to Bitstarz in that it’s also licenced in Curacao and provably fair, with games that are run with the Blockchain system.Whilst not having such an extensive game library like Bitstarz, the 500+ games are sure to keep any punter occupied for a long time and sports betting thrown in there too. You can also deposit using a range of cryptocurrencies at Fortune Jack, which is always nice.

Support is also top notch, with a really good ticketing system in place aswell as online support and some juicy deposit bonuses / welcome bonus. You can easily see why this is quickly growing to be one of the most visited and frequented online bitcoin casinos.


This is one of the newer casinos on the list, being established only a few years ago in 2015. Licensed in Montenegro, this casino has a great range of casino games, including some of the best Bitcoin roulette, slots and the ever popular baccarat. The live casino at Cloudbet features a really nice feature where you get seated automatically – so there’s no queueing or waiting to get your amazing real casino experience.

They’re completely transparent about handling peoples deposits and even detail in depth how the bitcoin deposits are managed. Anytime a player deposits with Bitcoin, their deposit is actually received into a special cold storage device with keys, and these keys are kept away and in a secure place so the players funds are safe from any threats.

Cloudbet also has a hot wallet online, where they keep enough funds in case players want to actively withdraw any winnings – this keeps player deposits and withdrawals running nice and smooth.


Having been around for a very long time – it’s one of the oldest Bitcoin casinos out there – and boasts a huge 2300+ games. Unlike some of the other Bitcoin casinos though, the casino doesn’t run off of blockchain technology and so the games aren’t provably fair.

Bitcasino accepts a range of payment methods including different cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals such as Litecoin and Ethereum. They also accept some of the lesser known FIAT money such as Yen and Rupee’s.

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