300% Deposit Bonus UK

Whether you’re a seasoned punter, or a newbie player looking for a bit of excitement, you probably keep your eye out for a nice 300% deposit bonus UK offer.

In the article we’ll take a gander at some of the different types of bonuses casinos can offer when you deposit and an in-depth view look at one of our favoured welcome bonuses – the 300% deposit bonus.

What is a 1st Deposit Bonus?

While this may not be the first question you ask if you’ve been around the online casino circuit for a while, it’s a really good question for a newbie player.

So, what is a deposit bonus?

Summed up simply, it’s something a little ‘extra’ you get when you make a deposit into your playing account.

There’s something known as a first deposit bonus which are applied on a new players first deposit into their account, and there’s a normal deposit bonus which is applied whenever any player makes a deposit.

Choosing a deposit bonus is actually a very personal thing and as much down to your preference as an online casino player as it is to the size of the bonus – That’s why we can’t tell you definitively the best one to go with, but we can give you some amazing suggestions!

Why Do Online Casinos Offer A Deposit Bonus of 300%?

Most new UK casinos – in fact I’d say almost all of them – will have a welcome bonus for new players – You might be wondering why.

The industry is very cut-throat and competitive. With new competition popping up every day, old casinos need to go to quite drastic measures to attract new players and keep hold of their current ones.

One of the best promotions for attracting new customers is to let them try out that casino for as little risk as possible. This lets these new players sample the various casino software and find which games they enjoy and try their luck out at something new.

A casino bonus can be just for new players who deposit money into their playing account- this is a first deposit bonus – or the promotion can be more regular so regular punters can get in on something like a daily or weekly promotion such as free spins or cashback.

Is there Different First Deposit Bonuses?

In the world of online casinos – there are absolutely tonnes of different bonuses you can claim as both a returning player and a new player.  Some casinos offer a huge welcome bonus, nice cashback bonuses, hundreds of free spins to spend on their slots – It can be really confusing just looking at all of the choice.

Another thing to notice is when you’re searching for a specific bonus, you’ll be seeing plenty of different terms and conditions and regulations depending on the games the offer is applicable to and the actual casino itself.

How Does a 300% Deposit Bonus UK Work?

These types of bonuses are great for new players who are looking to try out a casino to see if it fits their playstyle and has everything they’re looking for.

A 300% deposit bonus essentially gives the player 4x the money to play with. When you deposit £100, you’d actually get that £100 plus the extra 300% – £300 – on top in your bonus balance.

The ‘bonus balance’ is something you’ll experience when playing on a UK casino, as UK gambling restrictions require it. It’s a balance separate to you real money funds that all of your bonus money goes into.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Claiming a 300% Deposit Bonus

Now you may be thinking that a 300% bonus is the greatest thing on the planet but hold onto your horses! Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits and drawbacks to a deposit offer like this.


Play with 4x the amount

This is the big reason anyone would claim this type of bonus – the fact that you get a whopping 3x the money on top of whatever money you deposit. This gives players the chance to try something out for relatively low risk with the extra bonus money attained.

Imagine you wanted to try out a brand-new casino and you had £50 you wanted to play with. You’re more likely to go for the one in which you have £200 to play around with and try out on those video slots that you’ve had your eye on than on the casino where you just get £50.

Easy to find

This type of promotion is easy to find, as UK casinos use it quite liberally for getting new customers. You won’t have to scout around looking for this specific deal and waste your precious time. It also increases the chances of you finding a casino that you really like the look of having this specific offer.


High wagering requirements

When casinos give you the bonus amount that you receive, the wagering requirement to withdraw this bonus money can be seriously high sometimes 40-50x. 

For example, if the wagering requirement is 40x and you have £100 in your bonus balance, you have to wager £4000. This can be a big turn off for some players as it can feel like you’re never going to get your money!

What is the Best Online Casino for a 300% Deposit Bonus?

This all comes down to you! I’d love to be able to straight up say which 300% deposit bonus UK casino is the best… But I can’t!

It’s really dependent on what you’re looking for in a casino – Maybe you’re after the latest casino with state-of-the-art software from the biggest names in the industry that have video slots with smooth animation and graphics.

Or maybe you’re after a casino because of a certain slot you’ve heard of has a really good RTP and you want to give it a try.

Or maybe because of the changing weekly promotions – you just love those free spins!

Whatever your reasons for choosing picking, they are yours…. and so I’m going to have to leave picking the best one upto you!

How To Claim Your Bonus

If all of this talking about a juicy first deposit bonus of 300% has got you craving yours, Then just know getting hold of it is easy – it can usually be done in just a few simple steps.

Firstly, find a casino that has the promotion on or get hold of some bonus codes. We’ve got loads of trustworthy casinos here on Casino Sites, so have a gander through them – they’ve all been painstakingly reviewed by us!

Next, sign up. Make sure you like the look of the casino and check out the terms and conditions of the welcome bonuses as well – especially if there’s any wagering required!

Then, you’re all set. Get playing with your bonus for your favourite slots or whatever game you want!